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  1. Steve Dale: Teaching Dog to Sit

    February 22nd, 2018

    Steve explains how to train your new little furry family member to perform the "Sit" command. And don't forget to reward your pet with tasty treats such as Vita Bone® Lil' Trainers!

  2. Steve Dale: National Pet Dental Health Month

    February 15th, 2018

    February is National Pet Dental Health Month! When it comes to oral health, our pets have it pretty good these days. Veterinarians have developed great ways to keep animals calm and comfortable during dental procedures.

  3. Steve Dale: Responsible Pet Owners Month!

    February 8th, 2018

    February is Responsible Pet Owners Month! Pet Expert Steve Dale hits the streets of Chicago to find out what makes a pet owner responsible. Dr. Natalie Marks of Chicago’s Blum Animal Hospital also joins Steve to provide tips.

  4. Steve Dale: February 20th is Love Your Pet Day!

    February 1st, 2018

    The season of love is upon us, and February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! At the end of the day, what your pet really wants is simply to spend quality time with you.

  5. Steve Dale: Puppy Excited & Jumping

    January 25th, 2018

    Your new puppy is so excited to see you that he can't wait to jump up and give you a hug! Steve shares tips to curtail this behavior before he gets too big. And don't forget to reward your pet with tasty treats such as Vita Bone® Lil' Trainers!

  6. Steve Dale: Potty Training Puppy

    January 18th, 2018

    Steve provides several tips on potty training your new furry family member. And don't forget to reward your pet with tasty treats such as Vita Bone® Lil' Trainers!

  7. Steve Dale: Happy National Walk Your Pet Month!

    January 11th, 2018

    Even though it’s freezing throughout much of the country right now, our dogs still need those regular walks to keep them happy and healthy. Don't forget to use pet-safe ice melts on your property, like Safe Step Sure Paws. Also, reward good behavior with amazing treats, like Vita Bone Lil Trainers!

  8. Breaking News: Train Your Cat Where To Scratch

    January 4th, 2018

    If your cat is scratching, there is an amazing new product that can help. Feliscratch (by the makers of Feliway) is a product that will train your cat that likes to scratch, to actually scratch where you want him to scratch. Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter tells us how it works.

  9. Safe Step Sure Paws: A Winter Day in the Life of your Dog’s Paws

    December 18th, 2017

    Keep your dog healthy and warm this winter! Don’t use harsh, chemical-filled ice melters on your property. Instead, use something that’s safe for pets, people, and the environment, like Safe Step Sure Paws!

  10. Steve Dale: Choosing a Pet for Your Family

    December 13th, 2017

    Steve is joined by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Lisa Radosta to discuss the steps you should take before deciding on which pet is right for you and your family. Being ready before taking home your next dog or cat will help ensure a happy, successful, lifelong relationship.

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