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    Show 497: Handling Thunderstorm Anxiety

    Fall means cool weather is on it's way, but as we've seen recently, there can be a quick thunderstorm that can drive your furry best friends bananas. It's not too late to think about helping your dogs handle their thunderstorm anxiety. Dr. Amy Pike has tips.

    Air date: 9/13/14

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    Show 497: More on Aging Pets with Victoria Stilwell

    Steve chats more with is favorite guest, Victoria Stilwell. Aging pets need special attention and Victoria has more tips to share.

    Air date: 9/13/14

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    Show 496: Still Declawing Cats?

    Why are we still declawing our cats? Not only is it unnecessary, it really is a cruel practice. While you may think you are just removing the claw, it's truly an amputation. Dr. Marcus Brown, President of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, explains why he doesn't declaw cats, and we talk about how you can train your cat to scratch in all the right places.

    Air date: 9/6/14

  4. VictoriaStillwell1.jpg

    Show 496: Victoria Stilwell on Proper Nutrition for Aging Pets

    Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet's, It's Me or The Dog, chats with Steve about the importance of proper nutrition for our aging pets.

    Air date: 9/6/14

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