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    Show 541: New Technology to Fight Fleas

    New Technology is helping win the war against fleas. Many new products available through your veterinarian are helping kill fleas faster and some of the products are even lasting longer.  Dr. Craig Prior talks about ways to make sure you can beat the fleas.

    Air date: 7/18/15

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    Show 540: Beat the Fleas!!

    Parts of the country have been getting unprecedented amounts of rain. How will that affect the flea, mosquito and tick population - and what does that mean for our pets? Dr. Mike Dryden chats with Steve about the importance of parasite protection and how some new formulations, available from your veterinarian, can help you beat the fleas.

    Air date: 7/11/15

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    Show 539: Importance of Regular Veterinarian Visits

    With how fast our pets age, it is incredibly important to get your pets to your veterinarian regularly for check-ups. Catching any problems early can truly change your pets life.  Dr. Mark Russak, Past-President of the American Animal Hospital Association chats with Steve about the importance of getting your pets in regularly.

    Air date: 7/4/15

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    Show 539: The WINN Feline Foundation Award Winner Fran Shaw

    The WINN Feline Foundation is dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of all cats by developing or participating in projects for their betterment.  Every year they honor a media member for their contribution in raising awareness of feline related issues - and this year that award went to Fran Shaw.

    Air date: 7/4/15

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