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    Show 512: Felines with Tummy Upset

    With all of the holiday celebrating, has your cat being sneaking in on the fun as well? Our pets can have terrible GI issues and knowing what to look for can be the toughest part of knowing if your pet is suffering. Dr. Laura Pletz of Royal Canin chats with Steve about felines with tummy upset.

    Air date: 12/27/14

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    Show 512: The Bright Side of Feral Cats

    Our Feral Cat population gets a bad rap. We certainly want to do the best we can to keep it under control through Trap-Neuter-Release programs but there are benefits to having cats roaming the streets. Just ask anyone who lives near rats. Anne Beall tells us about the bright side of feral cats when she chats about her book, Community Cats.

    Air date: 12/27/14

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    Show 511: Keeping Pets Safe over the Holidays

    The holidays are a wonderful time for family, but they can also be a dangerous time for our pets. Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association has tips for keeping our pets safe from things like tree water, tinsel, and lots of baked goods.

    Air date: 12/20/14

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    Show 511: Training Your Dog with Positive Reinforcement

    Krystyn Savage of the American Association of Pet Dog Trainers has tips for training your dog with positive reinforcement. It's a lot more fun and certainly works a lot better than other styles of training.

    Air date: 12/20/14

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