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  1. PuppyPicBSP1.jpg

    Show 509: Welcoming a Puppy into Your Home

    Thinking about adding a new family member right around the holidays? It's a great time to add to your family as long as you are doing it for all of the right reasons and not just as an impulse gift. Steve chats with Dr. Laura Haug about what to do when a puppy enters your life.

    Air date: 12/6/14

  2. VictoriaStilwellPositively.jpg

    Show 509: Victoria Stilwell on Positive Training Methods

    Victoria Stilwell is all about positive training methods. This week she dismisses some of the popular myths that have led to a lot of aggressive means of training.

    Air date: 12/6/14

  3. JacksonGalaxyCatification.jpg

    Show 508: More with Jackson Galaxy on "Catification"

    Jackson Galaxy is back to chat more with us about the importance of enriching our cats' lives.  Jackson has great tips for making your house more cat-friendly, and he details everything in his book, Catification.

    Air date: 11/29/14

  4. VetwLab.jpg

    Show 508: Amazing Companion Animal Medicine

    Companion animal medicine can be as amazing as human medicine. In this week's "Vets on Pets" segment, Steve chats with Dr. Darryl Millis about ligament replacement surgery. It's actually much more common in dogs than you would think.

    Air date: 11/29/14

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