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    Show 637: Dogs can Suffer from Allergies Too?

    It’s the time of year when all of us might be suffering from itchy eyes and sneezing, but did you know your dog could suffer from allergies too?   Dr. Ursula Thomas chats with Steve about the different reasons our dogs might itch, how to spot them, and what we can do to relieve their discomfort.

    Air date: 5/20/17

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    Show 637: Victoria Stilwell on "Guardians of The Night."

    Victoria Stilwell has a new web series documenting the lives of first responders and the dogs who help them keep people safe and catch criminals. She chats with us about her new web series, Guardians of The Night.

    Air date: 5/20/17

  3. MorrisAnimalFoundationLogo.jpg

    Show 636: The Morris Animal Foundation

    Dr. John Reddington of The Morris Animal Foundation talks about their 70 years of funding scientific studies to advance animal health for cats, dogs, horses and wildlife.

    Air date: 5/13/17

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    Show 635: The Dangers of Leptospirosis

    Leptospirosis is a dangerous disease that can not only harm our dogs, but also be spread to humans.  In fact there was a case of a man dying in New York from Lepto earlier this year.   Dr. Sarah Tasse tells us how we can prevent our dogs from contracting this disease.

    Air date: 5/6/17

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