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  1. NoBowlFeedingSystem.jpg

    Show 624: The No Bowl Feeding System for Cats

    Our cats aren’t getting nearly enough exercise and they are definitely overweight. We need to activate their prey drive and get them to hunt again. We can do that with the No Bowl Feeding system developed by Dr. Liz Bales. She’ll explain how you can make your cat hunt for food without making a mess.

    Air date: 2/18/17

  2. UnlikelyCompanionsBook.jpg

    Show 624: "Unlikely Companions"

    Dr. Laurie Hess has written a wonderful book about her life treating exotic animals. She’s in-studio (with some exotic guests) to tell us about her book, Unlikely Companions.

    Air date: 2/18/17

  3. ValentinesCat1.jpg

    Show 623: Tips to Keep Pets Safe this Valentine’s Day

    Okay all of you Romeos and Juliets out there, we know you are all gushy and mushy with love as we near Valentine’s Day, but you have to keep your pets safe at the same time! Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association has tips for keeping our pets safe.

    Air date: 2/11/17

  4. YogiCatsBook.jpg

    Show 623: Author Paige Hodges on "Yogi Cats"

    Just when you think Steve has done every interview imaginable, we chat with Paige Hodges about her book, Yogi Cats.

    Air date: 2/11/17

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