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    Show 501: Fall is a Time for Ticks!

    Fall is definitely a time for ticks! You need to be aware of where your dogs and your kids are going. Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski is a pediatrician in the Chicago area and she will talk about how important it is to make sure we are very aware of where our kids have been and how that can affect their exposure to ticks.

    Air date: 10/11/14

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    Show 501: Preventative Measures to Avoid Ticks

    Dr. Mike Murray will talk about the preventive measures we can take with our pets to make sure they stay safe when the woods are crawling with ticks.

    Air date: 10/11/14

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    Show 500: Concern Over Tear-Stain Wipes

    The FDA has expressed concern over some of the tear-stain wipes (for removing those stains that form near our pets eyes) because of the anti-biotics they may contain. Veterinary Dermatologist Dr. John Angus chats with Steve about a product that you can use instead.

    Air date: 10/4/14

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    Show 500: Changing Seasons Affect our Pets' Moods?

    Seasons are changing, it's getting dark sooner. We know that can affect our moods, does it do the same for our pets? Pet Blogger Sarah Hodgson says yes and explains why.

    Air date: 10/4/14

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