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  1. KeepKidsFireSafe1.jpg

    Show 553: Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation

    October is National Fire Prevention Month. Firefighter Dayna Hilton speaks about her Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.  She visits kids with Molly, The Fire Safety Dog to spread knowledge about fire safety and the importance of being prepared in case of a fire.

    Air date: 10/10/15

  2. DogEatingBowl4_2.jpg

    Show 553: Grain-Free Dog Foods

    Long time friend of the show Dr. Ruth MacPete joins us in the “Vets on Pets” segment to chat about grain-free dog foods and how to know if they might be a good choice for your canine companion.

    Air date: 10/10/15

  3. PeanutButterJar.jpg

    Show 552: Peanut Butter Dangerous to Your Dog?

    Did you know that some brands of peanut butter can actually be dangerous to your dog? Dr. Jason Nicholas joins the show to talk about products that contain xylitol and why you need to make sure that these products are never ingested by our canines.

    Air date: 10/3/15

  4. DogTrainer9.jpg

    Show 552: How to Fix Leash Pulling

    Leash Pulling can be so annoying when you are trying to go for a pleasant walk, so let’s fix that behavior. Dog Trainer Wendy DeCarlo drops by to share some positive reinforcement techniques that will help both of you enjoy those walks more.

    Air date: 10/3/15

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