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    Show 678: The Double Defense Protocol for Heartworm Disease

    Spring is in the air and that means the return of the dreaded mosquito!  But in some parts of the country mosquitoes never really leave and there is talk that they’ve even grown some resistance to our heartworm medications.   Veterinary Parisitologist Dr. Mike Dryden tells us about the Double Defense protocol to add an extra layer of protection.

    Air date: 3/3/18

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    Show 678: Achieving a Greater Understanding of the Human-Animal Bond

    The North American Veterinary Community has teamed up with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute to form a new certification for veterinarians to achieve a greater understanding of the Human-Animal Bond.  Steve Feldman of HABRI tells us all about it.

    Air date: 3/3/18

  3. AAHAlogoBlack.jpg

    Show 677: New AAHA Guidelines for Diabetes Management

    The American Animal Hospital Association is the go to source for all guidelines for care for our dogs and cats. Dr. Heather Loenser of AAHA joins Steve to talk about their new guidelines for diabetes management for dogs and cats.

    Air date: 2/24/18

  4. CatsSocial1.jpg

    Show 677: Cats are More Social than We Think

    Dr. Kersti Seksel is the legendary creator of Kitten Kindergarten classes. She chats with Steve about our cats being much more social than we think.

    Air date: 2/24/18

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