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  1. TickPic5.jpg

    Show 595: We’re Talking Ticks!

    We’re talking ticks! Dr. Brian Holub knows all about the dangers of not protecting our pets. He’ll talk to Steve about Lyme and all of the other diseases that ticks are spreading to our animals, part of our campaign protect people and pets.

    Air date: 7/30/16

  2. PurrsOfWisdomBook.jpg

    Show 595: "Purrs of Wisdom"

    Ingrid King has a wonderful insight into the world of cats when we discuss her book, Purrs of Wisdom.

    Air date: 7/30/16

  3. CatwWoman1.jpg

    Show 594: Protecting Our Cats!

    We’ve spent so much time concentrating on protecting our dogs this year, we’ve not done enough to protect our cats! World renowned parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden talks to Steve about the importance of keeping our feline family members protected as well.

    Air date: 7/23/16

  4. AustinDogAlliance1.jpg

    Show 594: The Austin Dog Alliance

    While attending the American Animal Hospital Association national conference in Austin, Texas earlier this year, we met up with Neitha Engert of the Austin Dog Alliance. She chats with Steve about the great work they are doing to provide therapy dogs for people who need them.

    Air date: 7/23/16

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