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  1. DogLoversTravelBook.jpg

    Show 488: "The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel"

    It's that time of the year where we love to pack up the car and hit the road - so where are the best places to head with your pooch this summer? Kelly Carter tells us when we chat about her new book, The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel.

    Air date: 7/12/14

  2. EmergencyPrepare1.jpg

    Show 488: Tips for Emergency Preparedness

    Being prepared isn't just for boy scouts! Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association has tips to share on emergency preparedness.

    Air date: 7/12/14

  3. DogFoodBSP1.jpg

    Show 487: The Science Behind Pet Food

    Should the food you serve to your pet be tailored depending on what type of breed you have? Royal Canin is at the forefront of the science behind pet food and it turns out breeds have different needs. Dr. Jill Cline explains the science behind our pets' food.

    Air date: 7/5/14

  4. CatLitterboxBSP1.jpg

    Show 487: Is Your Cat Thinking 'Outside The Box?'

    When your cat is missing the box, what has gone wrong? It could be behavioral, it could be medical, it could be a physical issue. Feline Veterinarian Dr. Margie Scherk talks about the different scenarios you might be encountering when your cat is thinking 'outside the box.'

    Air date: 7/5/14

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