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    Show 547: Chronic Kidney Disease affecting our Cats

    Chronic Kidney Disease is a common age related disease affecting our cats. In fact one in three cats have CKD in their later years. Now a new test from IDEXX called SDMA is helping veterinarians detect CKD much earlier, giving veterinarians a better chance to treat the disease.  Dr. Kate Pietsch tells Steve the details.

    Air date: 8/29/15

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    Show 547: A Driver’s License for your Pet?

    Looking for a really silly thing for your pets? How about a driver’s license? Michael Scherenberg of MyPet DMV tells us how to get a fun ID for our furry family members.

    Air date: 8/29/15

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    Show 546: Keeping Pets Healthy as They Age

    Our pets are living longer than ever, and while it’s so great for us to have more time with our furry family members, there is also a lot that needs to be done to make sure our pets can stay healthy well into their golden years. Dr. Marty Becker chats with Steve about keeping our pets healthy as they age.

    Air date: 8/22/15

  4. Limberbutt1.jpg

    Show 546: Presidential ‘Cat-idate' - Limberbutt!

    Some people think there are already too many candidates for President, but not us! This week we get paw deep into election season as Steve interviews the only ‘cat-idate’ who’s running - Limberbutt! Well actually a Limberbutt spokesperson will be on the phone with Steve to talk about his finicky platforms.

    Air date: 8/22/15

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