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    Show 519: Handling Pet Behavior Issues

    Behavior issues are the number one cause of pets being relinquished to shelters. Dr. Kate Crumley, President of the American Animal Hospital Association, tells us why talking to your veterinarian about behavior issues is a great idea.

    Air date: 2/14/15

  2. SageMattMick.jpg

    Show 519: The Sage Foundation for Dogs

    The Sage Foundation for Dogs is dedicated to protecting the welfare of dogs who have served our country. Corporal Matthew Foster, USMC, and his dog Sgt. Mick sit down with Steve to talk about the great work these dogs do and what we need to do better in helping them after their career is over.

    Air date: 2/14/15

  3. DavidFreiInStudio.jpg

    Show 518: Mr. Dog Show, David Frei on Westminster

    Mr. Dog Show, David Frei joins the show this week!! Steve loves talking Westminster with your television host every year. We’ll get insider tips from Mr. Frei on the hottest dogs in this year’s competition so you can win your office pool.

    Air date: 2/7/15

  4. TickBSP1.jpg

    Show 518: Increasing Threat of Lyme & Other Tick-Related Illnesses

    Dr. Ted Cohn, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association, chats about the increasing threat of Lyme and other tick-related illnesses.  Ticks are more plentiful than ever in North America and there’s a chance ticks might be near by.  Dr. Cohn explains what we can do to protect our pets and ourselves.

    Air date: 2/7/15

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