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  1. PuppyCrate1.jpg

    Show 628: Crate Training our Puppies

    National Puppy Day is right around the corner, so let’s celebrate by learning the proper way to crate train our puppy with dog trainer Rendy Schuchat.

    Air date: 3/18/17

  2. DogGravesite.jpg

    Show 628: Tips for End Of Life Care

    End of Life is such an incredibly sad time for us as we say goodbye to a beloved furry family member. The American Animal Hospital Association has tips for making this the most peaceful transition possible, Dr. Heather Loenser will share this with us.

    Air date: 3/18/17

  3. PuppyTraining1a.jpg

    Show 627: Training Tips for Overzealous Puppies

    We’re celebrating National Puppy Day later this month by speaking to dog trainers about the best way to get off to the right start with our new family members. Steve chats with Yvonne Feeney about those overzealous puppies who seem to find nothing but mischief. Yvonne has tips to get everyone on the same page.

    Air date: 3/11/17

  4. OlderActiveDog1.jpg

    Show 627: Keeping Older Pets in Great Shape

    Our pets are getting older and that means we need to take care of things like mental decline and physical issues. Dr. Gary Landsberg tells us how we can keep our pets in great shape in both body and mind well into their golden years.

    Air date: 3/11/17

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