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    Show 671: Can Medicinal Marijuana Help Our Pets?

    More states continue to pass medicinal and recreational marijuana usage laws. So the question in veterinary medicine is can cannabis help our pets deal with pain and should we be prescribing for them? Dr. Casara Andre discusses what we know and where we are headed with this issue.

    Air date: 1/13/18

  2. WINNlogo1.jpg

    Show 671: The Winn Feline Foundation Making Strides to Find a Cure for FIP

    The Winn Feline Foundation continues to make strides to find a cure for FIP for our cats. This week we speak with Deb Roberts, whose cat Luna is going through treatments that appear to be helping.

    Air date: 1/13/18

  3. HumanAnimalBond3.jpg

    Show 670: Fascinating Research on the Human-Animal Bond

    We’ll kick off the new year by celebrating the human-animal bond and learning all about some fascinating research that will prove once and for all what an incredible benefit pets bring to the lives of their people. Dr. Maggie O’Haire of the Human Animal Bond Center at Purdue shares their findings.

    Air date: 1/6/18

  4. PosReinForTraining3.jpg

    Show 670: Positive Reinforcement Training

    2018 should be all about positive reinforcement when it comes to our pets. Dr. Cynthia Otto chats with us about the ways this type of training can improve your relationship with your furry family member.

    Air date: 1/6/18

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