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  1. FleaDogCartoonBSP.jpg

    Show 688: Protecting our Pets from Fleas

    Flea season is here! But did it ever really go away? The dramatic fluctuation in our temperatures year-round means we always need to be protecting our pets from fleas. This week veterinary parasitologist Dr. Mike Dryden, the man who is known as Dr. Flea, joins the show to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the fleas away.

    Air date: 5/12/18

  2. GlobalPetAdoptathon.jpg

    Show 688: The Global Pet Adoptathon

    Kathy Lynn of North Shore Animal League America chats with Steve about the Global Pet Adoptation going on throughout the month of May. She will tell us how we can rescue an animal, which makes for an incredible addition for our own family, which in turn gives shelters room to save another animal.

    Air date: 5/12/18

  3. SgtStubby.jpg

    Show 687: "Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero"

    Steve chats with Richard Lanni, the director of the new animated film, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero. The film is the true story of a dog that served his country and the men who were fighting to save our freedoms.

    Air date: 5/5/18

  4. CatLayingonCarpet1.jpg

    Show 687: Important Information on Feline Leukemia

    Dr. Missy Beall of IDEXX shares important information on Feline Leukemia and how the latest research can help us save cat lives.

    Air date: 5/5/18

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