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    Show 587: Keeping our Pets & Kids Safe this Summer

    Summer is here and we want to keep our pets and our kids safe! Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association chats with Steve about making sure our kids know how to interact with dogs that aren’t their own.

    Air date: 6/4/16

  2. BehaviorAdjustmentTrainBook.jpg

    Show 587: "Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0."

    Grisha Stewart jumps on the phone to help us figure out the best, positive ways to train our dog as we chat about her book, Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0.

    Air date: 6/4/16

  3. VetwithCat1.jpg

    Show 586: Trends & Changes in Veterinary Care

    Banfield, The Pet Hospital does a state of the industry report every year. Steve chats with Dr. Kurt Breuninger of Banfield about trends and changes taking place in veterinary care.

    Air date: 5/28/16

  4. HelpDogFightCancerBook.jpg

    Show 586: "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer"

    Laurie Kaplan chats with Steve about her book, Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.

    Air date: 5/28/16

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