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    Show 606: The Hottest Costumes this Halloween!

    BLEH-BLEH-BLEH!! Halloween is almost here! If you want to dress up your dog or cat in a very scary or even cute way this season, you need to shop for those costumes right now! And of course the best way to get a great costume for your pet is with the legendary, Miss Meowsky! This week she’ll tell you about all of the hottest costumes.

    Air date: 10/15/16

  2. BehaviorDogpic1.jpg

    Show 606: Avoiding Dog Bites

    Kids get bitten by dogs, it is an unfortunate reality, but it does't have to happen. Dr. Amy Pike has advice for helping us avoid situations where dog bites occur.

    Air date: 10/15/16

  3. DogLaying.jpg

    Show 605: Dogs Can Get Diabetes Too

    We talk extensively about the issue of feline diabetes because it has become such a widespread problem for our pets. But dogs can get diabetes too. This week, Dr. Nyssa Reine tells us about canine diabetes, what you need to know and what you can do to protect your dog.

    Air date: 10/8/16

  4. CatSceneInvestigatorBook.jpg

    Show 605: "CSI: Cat Scene Investigator"

    Steve chats with author Dusty Rainbolt about her latest book, CSI: Cat Scene Investigator

    Air date: 10/8/16

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