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    Show 642: Keep Pets Calm & Happy during Fireworks

    It’s the time of year when we celebrate our independence, and it’s also the time of year when many of our dogs spend countless hours hiding and in fear from all of the people shooting off fireworks around the clock. Dr. Valerie Tynes joins us to chat about ways to keep our pets calm and happy while we do all of our celebrating.

    Air date: 6/24/17

  2. PuppyPicBSP1.jpg

    Show 642: Getting Rid of Puppy Mills

    Animal Planet star Victoria Stilwell joins Steve to talk about the continuing battle to get rid of puppy mills. She and Steve will discuss the steps some states are taking to try to drive them out of business.

    Air date: 6/24/17

  3. TakeYourDogToWorkDay.jpg

    Show 641: More on Take Your Dog To Work Day!

    We continue our preparations for Take Your Dog to Work Day by chatting with Gregg Walrod of The Nerdery in Chicago. The Nerdery has been voted most pet-friendly workplace in Chicago and Gregg will tell us all of the great things they do to embrace their pet-friendliness and how they started with the Purina Pets At Work program.

    Air date: 6/17/17

  4. DogSickThermomitor.jpg

    Show 641: Stop the Spread of Canine Influenza Virus

    Dr. Donna Alexander chats with Steve about recent outbreaks of the Canine Influenza Virus and why it’s so important for social dogs to get vaccinated to help stop the spread of this flu.

    Air date: 6/17/17

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