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  1. DavidFreiInStudio.jpg

    Show 506: Host David Frei of the National Dog Show!

    It's that most wonderful time of year, time to talk about the upcoming National Dog Show on NBC! Your host for this newer Thanksgiving Day Tradition, David Frei will chat about what to watch for during the show this year.

    Air date: 11/15/14

  2. DogTeethS.jpg

    Show 506: Dental Care for Pets

    An incredibly important aspect of your pet's health is dental care. Too many people are taking shortcuts with their pets chompers, so Dr. Kate Knutson of the American Animal Hospital Association will chat with us about what is most important for keeping our pets healthy around the gumline.

    Air date: 11/15/14

  3. VictoriaStilwellPositively.jpg

    Show 505: Victoria Stilwell on Positive Reinforcement

    The wonderful Victoria Stilwell chats about the importance of positive reinforcement when training dogs. It's not about yelling at your dog to tell them what they are doing wrong.  You need to make sure they know when they are doing well, and create a positive association. Victoria shares tips and talks about her website,

    Air date: 11/8/14

  4. DogWhitePic.jpg

    Show 505: Can our Pets have OCD?

    Can our pets have OCD too? Dr. Marsha Reich talks to us about compulsive behaviors in our pets. We'll cover everything from snapping at imaginary flies to licking walls. You might be surprised to know how often these could be medical issues instead of behavioral issues.

    Air date: 11/8/14

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