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    Show 494: The Importance of Micro-chipping Pets

    Micro-chipping is such a key factor in pets getting back to their owners if they are lost of become separated during an emergency. Dr. Kate Crumley, President of the American Animal Hospital Association chats about the importance of having your pet chipped, and making sure the information registered with that chip is kept up-to-date.

    Air date: 8/23/14

  2. OurFaithfulCompanionsBook.jpg

    Show 494: "Our Faithful Companions"

    Dr. Aubrey Fine talks about the incredible bond between animals and humans when we discuss his book, Our Faithful Companions.

    Air date: 8/23/14

  3. EmergencyPrepare1.jpg

    Show 493: The State of Pet Healthcare

    Steve gets a sit-down with the President! No, not that president, the new president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Ted Cohn chats about the state of healthcare and what we should all be doing for our pets.

    Air date: 8/16/14

  4. AVSAB2.jpg

    Show 493: The Effectiveness of Breed Bans

    Steve talks about the new position statement from the American Society of Animal Behavior on the effectiveness of breed bans.

    Air date: 8/16/14

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