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  1. BiruteGaldikas1.jpg

    Show 697: Legendary Researcher Birutė Galdikas

    Birutė Galdikas is one of the world’s most legendary researchers when it comes to orangutans. She chats with Steve about her life’s work and how it continues today.

    Air date: 7/14/18

  2. KittenPawScratch.jpg

    Show 697: Training Kitty to Scratch Correctly

    Cat’s like to scratch, but did you know there are ways to train them to scratch in the right places, so your furniture remains intact? Dr. Jeannie Berger tells us how to train kitty to scratch correctly.

    Air date: 7/14/18

  3. PillBottle1.jpg

    Show 696: Protecting Our Pets from Poisons

    Poisons are lurking everywhere, and we need to protect our pets! Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association will stop by to remind us of all the things that can be dangerous to our pets - from automotive and gardening supplies to sugar free additives and our common medications.

    Air date: 7/7/18

  4. UriPALS.jpg

    Show 696: The Uripals Program from The Urban Resources Institute

    Dr. Kurt Venator of Purina will be by again, this time to talk about the innovative work being done by Purina in support of the Urban Resources Institute. Their Uripals program aims to provide a place for people with pets to be able to find refuge to escape a domestic violence situation.

    Air date: 7/7/18

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