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    Show 693: "From Fearful to Fear Free"

    Fear Free is a term that is revolutionizing the veterinary world.  Dr. Marty Becker invented a way to make all of our pets happier and more comfortable during their veterinary visits and now he is bringing these techniques into our homes.   Dr. Becker chats about his new book, From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias.

    Air date: 6/16/18

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    Show 693: What it Takes for Dogs to be Successful in Front of a Camera

    Steve chats with Hollywood Dog Trainer Laura Nativo about what it takes for dogs to be successful in front of the camera.  She’ll reveal what kind of training the dogs go through as well as how much pressure they have to perform on camera.

    Air date: 6/16/18

  3. DogBite1.jpg

    Show 692: Preventing Dog Bites

    Now that summer is here there are a lot more opportunities for our kids to have friends over, or for our kids to be meeting other dogs, and our dogs to be meeting other kids.  Basically, there’s more opportunity for a dog bite to happen.  Dr. Mark Russak chats about ways to make sure your dog doesn’t do the biting, and how to keep our kids and ourselves from being on the receiving end.

    Air date: 6/9/18

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    Show 692: Strengthening The Human-Animal Bond

    The Human-Animal Bond is the most important part of our relationship with our pets.  It’s what makes us a family, and it’s fracturing is what can tear it apart.   Steve Feldman of the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) talks about what the bond is and how we can strengthen it in our own homes.

    Air date: 6/9/18

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