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    Show 701: Protect Pets from Ticks this Fall

    Fall is coming and while that can mean cooler weather, it also is a very dangerous time for our dogs to get ticks. Parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden tells Steve the best ways to protect our pets from ticks.

    Air date: 8/11/18

  2. CatEatingPic1.jpg

    Show 701: Cats & Their Nutritional Needs

    Our cats are living very long lives these days, in part because of the science behind the great nutrition we now offer them. Dr. Kurt Venator of Purina talks about our cats and their nutritional needs.

    Air date: 8/11/18

  3. UriNYC.jpg

    Show 700: Protecting People & Pets who are Living in Fear

    Nathaniel Fields is the President and CEO of the Urban Resource Institute in New York City. Nat and URI have teamed up with Purina to create the first shelter that is 100% pet friendly. Nat will tell us more about the research going into this important change in how we protect people and pets who are living in fear.

    Air date: 8/4/18

  4. HeartwormCartoon1.jpg

    Show 700: Cats and Heartworm Disease

    Renowned parasitologist Dr. Mike Dryden tells Steve why we need to do more to protect our cats from heartworm disease. While we talk a lot about our dogs and heartworm, we rarely talk about a cats vulnerability to the bite of a mosquito.

    Air date: 8/4/18

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