Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 276: Number One Problem For Cat Owners

    Behaviorist Beth Adelman talks to Steve about the number one problem that cat owners have.

  2. Show 276: Keeping Your Cat Active

    Dr. Tony Buffington gives tips on keeping your cat engaged and active around the house.

  3. Show 275: Benefits Of Pet Insurance

    Steve talks to Ann Urbancic of Kroger Pet Insurance about the benefits of pet insurance.

  4. Show 275: Pet Health Outdoors

    Steve speaks with Dr. Kimberly May of the AVMA about keeping your pet healthy in the outdoors this summer.

  5. Show 274: More On The New Cat Care Guidelines

    Steve chats with Jan McHugh-Smith about the new cat care guidelines.

  6. Show 274: Microchipping Your Pet

    Dr. Tom Kendall talks to Steve about microchipping your pet.

  7. Show 273: Adopting A Cat

    Debrah Schnakenberg of American Humane has advice on adopting a cat and guidelines on taking care of them.

  8. Show 273: Keeping Your Cat Healthy

    Dr. Jane Brunt of CATalyst Council talks about keeping your cat healthy.

  9. Show 272: More Service Dogs For Veterans

    Carl Rotans from Puppies Behind Bars talks to Steve about inmates that train puppies to be service dogs for veterans.

  10. Show 272: Becoming A Veterinarian

    Tod Schadler of Ross University Veterinary School shares tips on pursuing life as a vet.

  11. Show 271: Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin talks to Steve about how we live and work with animals.

  12. Show 271: Danger Of Mosquitoes & Your Pets

    Warm weather brings mosquitoes which can cause heartworm in our dogs and cats. Dr. Shelly Rubin tells us how to make sure our pets stay safe.

  13. Show 270: Cat Missing The Litter Box?

    Cat missing the litter box? Steve talks to behaviorist Amy Shojai about getting your cat back in line.

  14. Show 270: Keep Your Pets Safe in Hot Weather

    Dr. Al TownShend talks about keeping your pets safe and healthy has the temps rise.

  15. Show 269: Dogs Scared Of Men

    Steve chats with animal behaviorist Linda Case about dogs who are scared of men.

  16. Show 269: Kitty Kindergarden

    Steve speaks with Dr. Sophia Yin about the kitty kindergarden program and all its' benefits.

  17. Show 268: Laproscopic Surgery For Dogs

    Steve speaks with Dr. Brian Holub about laproscopic surgery for dogs.

  18. Show 268: Finding Peace After Pet Loss

    Steve talks to author Sid Korpi about her book "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss."

  19. Show 267: Flea Protection

    Steve chats with Dr. Michael Dryden about flea protection.

  20. Show 267: "Being with Animals"

    Steve talks to author Barbara King about her book "Being with Animals."

  21. Show 266: Flea & Tick Medicine

    Steve speaks with Dr. Michael Paul about the EPA announcement on Flea and Tick medicine.  

  22. Show 266: Canine Companions for Independence

    Steve talks to Becky Hein about Canine Companions for Independence.

  23. Show 265: Asthma In Pets

    Steve chats with veterinarian, Dr. Phil Padrid about asthma in pets.

  24. Show 265: Pitbull Discussion

    Steve talks to author Amy Shojai about her new book on Pitbulls.

  25. Show 264: More About Canine Flu

    Steve talks to veterinarian, Dr. Paul Schwartz about canine flu.

  26. Show 263: Pet Insurance

    Steve speaks to Dr. Howard Rubin about pet insurance.

  27. Show 263: Aging In Pets

    Steve chats with Dr. Todd Schadler about aging in pets.

  28. Show 262: TV Legend Betty White

    Steve talks to animal lover Betty White about her Lifetime Achievement award.

  29. Show 262: Importance of Pet Nutrition

    Steve chats with Dr. Sherry Sanderson about pet nutrition.

  30. Show 261: Disasters Impact On Pets

    Steve talks to Debrah Schnackenberg of American Humane about what happens to pets when disasters strike.

  31. Show 261: Western Veterinarian Conference

    Steve talks to Dr. Guy Pidgeon about the Western Veterinarian Conference.

  32. Show 260: Reptiles Discussed

    Steve talks to Dr. Byron de Le Navarre about reptiles.

  33. Show 259: Cat Fancy Magazine

    Steve speaks with Susan Logan, the editor of Cat Fancy magazine.

  34. Show 259: New Cat Care Guidelines

    Steve talks to Dr. Vicki Thayer about the new Cat Care Guidelines

  35. Show 258: The Eukanuba Classic

    Steve chats with David Frei about the Eukanuba Classic.

  36. Show 258: The Catalyst Council

    Steve talks to Dr. Jane Brunt about the Catalyst Council.

  37. Show 257: Hilary Swank, Iams Home 4 The Holidays

    Steve talks to Hilary Swank about her participation in Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign.

  38. Show 257: Cat Care Guidelines

    Steve talks to Dr. Ilona Rodan about the cat care guidelines.

  39. Show 252: Service Dogs For Veterans

    We revisit Senator Al Franken, who is helping veterans get service dogs.

  40. Show 252: Canine Influenza

    We discuss the Canine Influenza with Dr. Leah Cohn.

  41. Show 251: "Animal Investigators"

    Laurel Niemi talks about her book "Animal Investigators"

  42. Show 250: Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe

    The ASPCA has tips on how to keep your pets safe

  43. Show 249: Healthy Play With Your Pet

    Steve talks to Patricia McConnell about the importance of playing with your pet.

  44. Show 249: Veterinary Honor Roll

    Dr. Susan Little talks about the Veterinary Honor Roll.

  45. Show 248: Pet Adoption through Iams Home 4 The Holidays

    We hear about a wonderful pet adoption through Iam's Home 4 the Holidays.

  46. Show 248: Creating A Bond With Your Cat

    R.K. Anderson talks to Steve about how much of a social creature your cat really is and how you can create a better bond.

  47. Show 246: H1N1 Virus & Your Pet

    Steve chats with Dr. Karen May about the H1N1 virus affecting your pet.

  48. Show 245: Iams Home 4 The Holidays

    Steve talks to Mike Arms from the Helen Woodward Animal Center about the Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption program.

  49. Show 245: Low Stress Handling

    Steve chats with Dr. Sophia Yin about low stress handling.

  50. Show 244: Brain Games For Your Pet

    Steve talks to Dr. Roger Mugford about brain games for your pet!