Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 328: Adopt-A-Cat Month

    Here to help celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month - Betsy Saul of shares tips on what to think about before you bring a new kitty home.

  2. Show 327: Proper Training Methods

    Gail Fisher is the President of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She chats with Steve about proper training methods to keep your best friend and you happy for years to...

  3. Show 327: Preparing for Fun Family Vacations with your Pets

    Dr. Bernadine Cruz speaks with Steve about the best ways to prepare for a fun family vacation with your pets. From safety in the car to vaccines you want to ask your veterinarian...

  4. Show 320: Choosing the Right Pet

    Betsy Saul - co-founder of - shares tips for choosing the right new furry family member.

  5. Show 316: Training Your Puppy

    You've found that perfect puppy - now how do you train him? What do you feed him? How do you play with him? All of these questions, and more, answered when Steve...

  6. Show 316: Protecting Your Pet From Ticks

    If you're heading outdoors with your pets, ticks are a problem. Dr. Michael Dryden tells us when you should be concerned and how to procect your pets.

  7. Show 315: Confronting Michael Vick...

    Richard Hunter is a Dallas based radio host who adopted one of the dogs that were rescued from Michael Vick's kennel. During the Super Bowl Vick was being honored at an event...

  8. Show 315: Sleeping With Your Pet

    Dr. Larry Kornegay, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association chats with Steve about the recent study that raised concerns about people whose pets sleep in their bed.

  9. Show 314: Caring for those Who Can't...

    Sometimes pets are injured or sick and their owners just can't afford to provide them with the care they need. Mary Ann Minnick talks to Steve about the All Pets Wellness Foundation that...

  10. Show 314: Yeah, Warm Weather! Boo, Fleas!

    Veterinary Parisatologist Dr. Michael Dryden talks to Steve about flea season, and how important it is to protect your pets from this nuisance before it takes hold.

  11. Show 313: Bringing Home a New Kitty

    Spring is the time most people bring home new kittens. Bert Troughton of the ASPCA shares with Steve some of her tips for a choosing a cat from the shelter that will...

  12. Show 313: End of Life Care for Our Pets

    Our pets are living wonderfully long lives these days, but that also means that they are facing a lot of the problems many of us face as we get older. Dr. Alice...

  13. Show 312: Importance of Quality Pet Food...

    Advances in pet food have greatly contributed to the long lives our pets are enjoying these days. Tiffany Bier from Waltham recently chatted with Steve about the research that goes into quality pet...

  14. Show 312: Clean Teeth Are Important for Good Health...

    Dr. Jeffrey Klausner of Banfield, The Pet Hospital chatted with Steve in celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month. They chatted about how clean teeth can help keep your pet healthy and...

  15. Show 310: Best In Show

    It's time again to find out who is best in show, so Steve chatted with the "voice of Westminster," Mr. David Frei, to find out what to look for during this year's...

  16. Show 310: When Your Dog Coughs

    Have you ever heard your dog cough? It can actually be a sign of a problem so Veterinary Cardiologist Dr. Bruce Keene chats with Steve about why it happens and what it...

  17. Show 309: The Importance of Effective Heartworm Preventative

    Steve chats with Dr. Doug Carithers of Merial about the importance of proper protection from Heartworm disease in dogs and cats. As good as the preventatives are, unless they are administered properly your...

  18. Show 308: Senior Citizen Pets

    Our pets are living longer lives than ever before. Unfortunately that means they are also facing the same maladies we humans do in our old age. Dr. Gary Landsberg talks to Steve about...

  19. Show 308: The Truth About Cats...

    Catspert Darlene Arden chats with Steve about how trainable and personable cats really are.

  20. Show 307: Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Winter

    Dr. Shelly Rubin drops by our "Vets on Pets" segment to share tips on keeping your pets safe during the winter.

  21. Show 307: Down Boy!

    Keeping your "best friend" at bay when company comes can sometimes be a daunting task. Katenna Jones of the American Humane Association shares some tips for training your dog to refrain from a...

  22. Show 306: Positively The Best Way to Train

    Steve recently spoke with Victoria Stilwell - dog trainer extroardinare and host of Animal Planet's, "It's Me or The Dog." In this full version of the interview you hear Ms. Longwell speak about...

  23. Show 305: Protecting Pets in Your Community

    Randall Lockwood of the ASPCA joined Steve to talk about preventing animal abuse in our neighborhoods, especially in the cold harsh winter.

  24. Show 304: Resolutions For The New Year

    As we turn the calendar to 2011, Steve shares his resolutions for all of us to help our pets lead happier, healthier lives.

  25. Show 304: IDs Can Save Lives

    Dr. Linda Lord joins Steve to talk about her research into the importance of identification in keeping our cats safe. Though most of us consider our cats "indoor only," they can get outside...

  26. Show 303: Outrageous Feral Cat Proposal

    The University of Nebraska recently conducted a study about the feral cat population which suggested the idea of trapping and shooting feral cats to slow the population growth. Steve speaks with Dr. Michael...

  27. Show 303: The bond between animal and soldier

    Christine Sullivan recently chatted with Steve about her book, Saving Cinnamon. It's the amazing story of the dog her brother bonded with while in Afghanistan and the amazing ordeal they went through to...

  28. Show 299: The FIP Disease In Cats

    Dr. Ruth MacPete joins steve to talk about a deadly disease in cats known as FIP.

  29. Show 299: "Homer's Odyssey"

    Steve sits down with author Gwen Cooper to chat about her latest book, Homer's Odyssey.

  30. Show 298: Disc Disease In Dogs

    Dr. Michael Podell of the ACVIM discusses disc disease in dogs.

  31. Show 298: K-9 Carts

    Barbara Parkes of K-9 Carts talks about her invention to help those dogs with back problems.

  32. Show 297: "Katie Up & Down the Hall"

    Glen Plaskin, author of Katie Up & Down the Hall talks about how neighbors became friends due to his wonderful dog Katie.

  33. Show 297: Diabetic Cats

    Dr. Ruth MacPete discusses diabetes in cats.

  34. Show 296: "Who Moved My Mouse?"

    Author Dena Harris talks about a self-help book...for cats!

  35. Show 296: Arthritis In Pets

    Dr. Nigel Swift discusses arthritis problems in pets.

  36. BREAKING NEWS - Bo Obama's Trainer Speaks Out

    Self-proclaimed "dog-whisperer" Cesar Milan took it upon himself to criticize the way Bo Obama leads the President around. Steve had a chance to speak with Bo's trainer, Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz about his comments, working...

  37. Show 285: Through A Dogs Eyes

    Steve interviews author Jennifer Arnold about canine assistance dogs.

  38. Show 285: Wellness Exams

    Steve speaks with Dr. Donald Ostwald about the importance of wellness exams.

  39. Show 284: Kidney Disease in Cats

    Steve chats with geneticist Dr. Leslie Lyons about kidney disease in cats.

  40. Show 284: Pacemakers in Pets

    Steve talks to Dr. Brian Scansen about pacemakers.

  41. Show 283: Dog Mountain

    Steve talks to Gwen Huneck about the life of her late husband Stephen Huneck, founder of Dog Mountain.

  42. Show 282: New Law on Dog Fighting

    Steve talks to Ledy Van Kavage from Best Friends about a new law about dog fighting.

  43. Show 282: More on Protecting Your Dog in Hot Weather

    Part two of Steve's discussion with Dr. Jeff Werber about how to protect your dog in hot weather.

  44. Show 281: Taking Your Pets Picture

    Pet photographer Barbara Karant gives tips on taking your pets picture.

  45. Show 281: Protecting Your Dog In Hot Weather

    Steve chats with Dr. Jeff Werber about how to protect your dog in hot weather.

  46. Show 281: Cushing's Disease

    Steve speaks with Dr. Keven Gulikers about Cushing's disease.

  47. Show 279: Rats As Pets?

    Steve speaks with Debbie "The Rat Lady" about having a rat as a pet.

  48. Show 279: Internal Medicine Specialty

    Dr. Sandy Willis chats with Steve about internal medicine specialists and how they can help your pet.

  49. Show 278: Diabetes In Cats

    Dr. Gary Norswothy talks about the growing threat of diabetes.

  50. Show 278: Dog Behavior Problems

    Steve talks to behaviorist Jean Donaldson about dog behavior problems and how to correct them.