Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 308: The Truth About Cats...

    Catspert Darlene Arden chats with Steve about how trainable and personable cats really are.

  2. Show 307: Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Winter

    Dr. Shelly Rubin drops by our "Vets on Pets" segment to share tips on keeping your pets safe during the winter.

  3. Show 307: Down Boy!

    Keeping your "best friend" at bay when company comes can sometimes be a daunting task. Katenna Jones of the American Humane Association shares some tips for training your dog to refrain from a...

  4. Show 306: Positively The Best Way to Train

    Steve recently spoke with Victoria Stilwell - dog trainer extroardinare and host of Animal Planet's, "It's Me or The Dog." In this full version of the interview you hear Ms. Longwell speak about...

  5. Show 305: Protecting Pets in Your Community

    Randall Lockwood of the ASPCA joined Steve to talk about preventing animal abuse in our neighborhoods, especially in the cold harsh winter.

  6. Show 304: Resolutions For The New Year

    As we turn the calendar to 2011, Steve shares his resolutions for all of us to help our pets lead happier, healthier lives.

  7. Show 304: IDs Can Save Lives

    Dr. Linda Lord joins Steve to talk about her research into the importance of identification in keeping our cats safe. Though most of us consider our cats "indoor only," they can get outside...

  8. Show 303: Outrageous Feral Cat Proposal

    The University of Nebraska recently conducted a study about the feral cat population which suggested the idea of trapping and shooting feral cats to slow the population growth. Steve speaks with Dr. Michael...

  9. Show 303: The bond between animal and soldier

    Christine Sullivan recently chatted with Steve about her book, Saving Cinnamon. It's the amazing story of the dog her brother bonded with while in Afghanistan and the amazing ordeal they went through to...

  10. Show 299: The FIP Disease In Cats

    Dr. Ruth MacPete joins steve to talk about a deadly disease in cats known as FIP.

  11. Show 299: "Homer's Odyssey"

    Steve sits down with author Gwen Cooper to chat about her latest book, Homer's Odyssey.

  12. Show 298: Disc Disease In Dogs

    Dr. Michael Podell of the ACVIM discusses disc disease in dogs.

  13. Show 298: K-9 Carts

    Barbara Parkes of K-9 Carts talks about her invention to help those dogs with back problems.

  14. Show 297: "Katie Up & Down the Hall"

    Glen Plaskin, author of Katie Up & Down the Hall talks about how neighbors became friends due to his wonderful dog Katie.

  15. Show 297: Diabetic Cats

    Dr. Ruth MacPete discusses diabetes in cats.

  16. Show 296: "Who Moved My Mouse?"

    Author Dena Harris talks about a self-help book...for cats!

  17. Show 296: Arthritis In Pets

    Dr. Nigel Swift discusses arthritis problems in pets.

  18. BREAKING NEWS - Bo Obama's Trainer Speaks Out

    Self-proclaimed "dog-whisperer" Cesar Milan took it upon himself to criticize the way Bo Obama leads the President around. Steve had a chance to speak with Bo's trainer, Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz about his comments, working...

  19. Show 285: Through A Dogs Eyes

    Steve interviews author Jennifer Arnold about canine assistance dogs.

  20. Show 285: Wellness Exams

    Steve speaks with Dr. Donald Ostwald about the importance of wellness exams.

  21. Show 284: Kidney Disease in Cats

    Steve chats with geneticist Dr. Leslie Lyons about kidney disease in cats.

  22. Show 284: Pacemakers in Pets

    Steve talks to Dr. Brian Scansen about pacemakers.

  23. Show 283: Dog Mountain

    Steve talks to Gwen Huneck about the life of her late husband Stephen Huneck, founder of Dog Mountain.

  24. Show 282: New Law on Dog Fighting

    Steve talks to Ledy Van Kavage from Best Friends about a new law about dog fighting.

  25. Show 282: More on Protecting Your Dog in Hot Weather

    Part two of Steve's discussion with Dr. Jeff Werber about how to protect your dog in hot weather.

  26. Show 281: Taking Your Pets Picture

    Pet photographer Barbara Karant gives tips on taking your pets picture.

  27. Show 281: Protecting Your Dog In Hot Weather

    Steve chats with Dr. Jeff Werber about how to protect your dog in hot weather.

  28. Show 281: Cushing's Disease

    Steve speaks with Dr. Keven Gulikers about Cushing's disease.

  29. Show 279: Rats As Pets?

    Steve speaks with Debbie "The Rat Lady" about having a rat as a pet.

  30. Show 279: Internal Medicine Specialty

    Dr. Sandy Willis chats with Steve about internal medicine specialists and how they can help your pet.

  31. Show 278: Diabetes In Cats

    Dr. Gary Norswothy talks about the growing threat of diabetes.

  32. Show 278: Dog Behavior Problems

    Steve talks to behaviorist Jean Donaldson about dog behavior problems and how to correct them.

  33. Show 277: National War Dog Monument

    Steve speaks with the founder of the National War Dog Monument.

  34. Show 277: Parasites & Your Pets

    Parasites can cause problems for your pets and you! Steve chats with Dr. Mike Thomas on keeping you AND your pet safe.

  35. Show 276: Number One Problem For Cat Owners

    Behaviorist Beth Adelman talks to Steve about the number one problem that cat owners have.

  36. Show 276: Keeping Your Cat Active

    Dr. Tony Buffington gives tips on keeping your cat engaged and active around the house.

  37. Show 275: Benefits Of Pet Insurance

    Steve talks to Ann Urbancic of Kroger Pet Insurance about the benefits of pet insurance.

  38. Show 275: Pet Health Outdoors

    Steve speaks with Dr. Kimberly May of the AVMA about keeping your pet healthy in the outdoors this summer.

  39. Show 274: More On The New Cat Care Guidelines

    Steve chats with Jan McHugh-Smith about the new cat care guidelines.

  40. Show 274: Microchipping Your Pet

    Dr. Tom Kendall talks to Steve about microchipping your pet.

  41. Show 273: Adopting A Cat

    Debrah Schnakenberg of American Humane has advice on adopting a cat and guidelines on taking care of them.

  42. Show 273: Keeping Your Cat Healthy

    Dr. Jane Brunt of CATalyst Council talks about keeping your cat healthy.

  43. Show 272: More Service Dogs For Veterans

    Carl Rotans from Puppies Behind Bars talks to Steve about inmates that train puppies to be service dogs for veterans.

  44. Show 272: Becoming A Veterinarian

    Tod Schadler of Ross University Veterinary School shares tips on pursuing life as a vet.

  45. Show 271: Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin talks to Steve about how we live and work with animals.

  46. Show 271: Danger Of Mosquitoes & Your Pets

    Warm weather brings mosquitoes which can cause heartworm in our dogs and cats. Dr. Shelly Rubin tells us how to make sure our pets stay safe.

  47. Show 270: Cat Missing The Litter Box?

    Cat missing the litter box? Steve talks to behaviorist Amy Shojai about getting your cat back in line.

  48. Show 270: Keep Your Pets Safe in Hot Weather

    Dr. Al TownShend talks about keeping your pets safe and healthy has the temps rise.

  49. Show 269: Dogs Scared Of Men

    Steve chats with animal behaviorist Linda Case about dogs who are scared of men.

  50. Show 269: Kitty Kindergarden

    Steve speaks with Dr. Sophia Yin about the kitty kindergarden program and all its' benefits.