Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 367: Keeping Cats Healthy & Active

    How do we keep our cats enriched and happy? Veterinary technician Ginny Price has tips for keeping your kitty healthy and active.

  2. Show 367: How Safe Are Your Pets?

    Dr. Camille DeClementi with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center chats with Steve about the dangers lurking in our homes, how we can protect our pets, and what to do if you think...

  3. Show 366: Do Presidential Politics and Pets go together?

    Newt Gingrich chats with Steve about and the plans he and his wife have made for furry friends if they ever got to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  4. Show 366: Protecting Pets from Parasites

    Spring is around the corner and that means the parasites will be ready to pounce on your pets. Dr. Catherine Lund from the Companion Animal Parasite Council talked with Steve about the importance...

  5. Show 365: Ceva the Leader Dog

    Working animals can be so important. Ceva Animal Health is sponsoring a Leader Dog - aptly named Ceva - and Steve chats with Dr. Theresa DePorter about his training and how he...

  6. Show 365: Protecting Our Cats from Hyperthyroidism

    Hyperthyroidism in cats has become a hot button issue in the veterinary world. Steve talks with Dr. Mark Peterson about how you can protect your cats.

  7. Show 364: The Importance of Vet Visits

    Dr. Michael Paul talks with Steve about the importance of that one-on-one team for your pet and your veterinarian.

  8. Show 364: Animal Planet's Victoria Stilwell

    Steve caught up with Animal Planet's Victoria Stilwell at Westminster and gets her take on the dog show.

  9. Show 363: Trupanion & Hero Dogs

    Pet insurance can help you save money in the long run on vet bills and maybe even save your pets' life. Steve chats with Howard Rubin from Trupanion about their great policy...

  10. Show 363: All About Ferrets!

    Steve talks all about those funny little ferrets with Dr. J. B. Bruderle.

  11. Show 362: It's Westminster time!

    It's Westminster time! Legendary show host David Frei joins us to share the lowdown on which pooches to keep an eye on at this year's event.

  12. Show 362: Kidney Disease in Cats

    Dr. Susan Little chats about kidney disease and what you need to watch for with your tabby.

  13. Show 361: Make Vet Visits Less Stressful for Cats

    Dr. Elizabeth Colleran has tips for making a trip to the vet less stressful for you and your feline.

  14. Show 361: Alarming Decrease in Veterinary Visits

    Dr. Ron DeHaven, CEO of the American Veterinary Medical Association talks about the alarming decrease in veterinary visits for our pets.

  15. Show 360: Traveling Safely with Pets

    Dr. Michael Moyer of the American Animal Hospital Association talks to Steve about keeping your pets safe when they travel with you, and when they have to stay home while you travel.

  16. Show 359: The Many Benefits of Pet Toys

    Mark Hines of the Kong Company talks about all the great ways toys can help you have more fun, train, and build a better bond with your pets.

  17. Show 359: Maintaining the Bond with your Pet

    Dr. Tom Catanzarro talks about the importance of our bond with our animals and why regular visits to your veterinarian can help keep that bond strong and lead your pet to a longer,...

  18. Show 358: Daniel's Law

    Steve chats with Sen. Andy Dinniman of Pennsylvania and dog trainer Joe Dwyer about a puppy who survived euthanasia by gas chamber in Alabama, and the law that he has inspired that is...

  19. Show 358: Keeping Pets Safe in the Winter

    We need to keep our pets safe while they are playing and walking in the winter wonderland, so this week we chat with Dr. Elissa Mazzaferro of the American Animal Hospital Association about...

  20. Show 354: Great Gifts for your Pets

    It's not too late to buy a great gift for your pets - or for yourself! Miss Meowsky of Barker & Meowsky stops by to talk about the really cool stuff available...

  21. Show 354: Taking extra Precautions during Holidays

    We need to take extra precautions for our pets when we're having holiday gatherings. Dr. Shelly Rubin has tips on what to watch out for, and what to keep pets away...

  22. Show 353: Banfield's Season of Suppers Campaign

    This is a season of giving and it's very sad when a family feels they have to give up their furry family member because of the economy. Banfield's Season of Suppers campaign...

  23. Show 353: New Guidelines for Canine Vaccinations

    There are new guidelines for canine vaccinations from the American Animal Hospital Association. Dr. Link Welborn tells Steve what you need to think about when protecting your pooch.

  24. Show 352: Holiday Dangers for our Pets

    It's the most wonderful time of the year is here, but it can also be the most dangerous time for our pets! Dr. Marty Becker joins Steve to talk about the dangers...

  25. Show 352: A Happy Home with your Felines

    Pam Johnson Bennett knows cats and shares tips of having a happy home with your fun felines.

  26. Show 351: "Raising My Furry Children"

    Tracy Ahrens is a journalist and she has no kids of her own, so all of her kids have four legs. She details a life of love in her book, Raising My...

  27. Show 351: Options For Diabetic Cats

    Our increasingly tubby tabbies aren't just cute butterballs of fur, they are more likely to get diabetes. Dr. Ruth MacPete joins us to talk about ways we can get those cats living a...

  28. Show 350: Maintaining the Human/Animal Bond

    How do you maintain the human/animal bond in good times and bad? Dr. Robin Downing talks about the amazing relationships we have with our pets.

  29. Show 350: The Voice of the National Dog Show, David Frei

    The voice of dog shows is David Frei. He chats with Steve about what to look forward to when we watch the 10th annual National Dog Show on Thanksgiving morning.

  30. Show 350: Co-Host of the National Dog Show, John O'Hurley

    John O'Hurley tours the country and performs on Broadway in Chicago, is known as J. Peterman from Seinfeld, and was on the first season of Dancing with The Stars, but it's become a...

  31. Show 349: Holiday Greeting Cards to benefit the American Humane Association

    Your Pet could be the star of Holiday Greeting Cards to benefit the American Humane Association. Lisa Cohen joins the show to tell Steve what they are looking for and how your pet...

  32. Show 349: Year Round Protection from Heartworm

    Heartworm is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, so you probably think you don't need to use protection at this time of year - but that's not true. You need year...

  33. Show 348: The Fall Flea Surge

    The weather is turning cooler, does that mean you can stop worrying about those pesky parasites haunting your pets? No! In fact, the "fall flea surge" is upon us and we'll find...

  34. Show 348: "For The Love Of Cats"

    Steve chats with one of his favorite guests, Sandy Robins, about her new book For The Love of Cats.

  35. Show 347: "In A Dog's Heart"

    One of Steve's favorite authors, Jennifer Arnold, is back to share more insight into our amazing canine friends as she writes about in her new book, In A Dog's Heart.

  36. Show 347: Getting your Puppy to Behave & Obey

    You can get that puppy or even older dog to behave and even obey. Dr. Sophia Yin tells us how when she tells us about her book, Perfect Puppy in 7...

  37. Show 346: Coolest Pet Costumes for Halloween

    Are you scared yet? Halloween is almost here and you'll want to hear about the coolest costumes of the season - for your pets! Miss Meowsky of Barker & Meowsky tells us...

  38. Show 346: The AAHA Helping Pets Fund

    The American Animal Hospital Association works for a higher quality of medicine for our pets and to make sure all pets can receive care. This week we learn about the AAHA fund that...

  39. Show 345: So Many Pet Medications

    Dr. Lisa Young of Elanco Animal Health chats with Steve about concerns that the availability of so many pet medications, like flea and tick preventives, is keeping pet owners away from the veterinary...

  40. Show 345: Keep your Pets information up-to-date with Microchip Provider

    Gary MacPhee of HomeAgain Pet Recovery talks to Steve about the importance of making sure that your contact information stays updated with your microchip provider. If you never registered your chip or moved...

  41. Show 344: Canine Influenza Virus

    The Canine Influenza Virus is spreading and Dr. Andrea Dennis shares the latest information about why you might not even know right away if your dog has the virus, how easy it is...

  42. Show 343: New Vaccine Guidelines for Canines

    The American Animal Hospital Association has new vaccine guidelines for canines. Steve chats about your pooches' vaccination schedule with Dr. Link Welborn.

  43. Show 343: Losing A Furry Family Member

    It can be devastating to lose a furry family member. Dr. Stephanie LaFarge, the Senior Director of Counseling Services at the ASPCA chats with us about how to handle these trying moments for...

  44. Show 342: Helping Pets Age Gracefully

    Dr. Heidi Lobprise joins Steve for a chat about the ailments facing our population of longer living pooches. Dr. Lobprise shares tips on what to look for and how you can help...

  45. Show 342: Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick

    Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick has been polling cats about what they love about their owners - she even has some tips about areas we could impove upon.

  46. Show 341: Finding Signs of Pain in our Cats

    Cats are incredibly adept at hiding their pain so we chat with Dr. Margie Scherk about finding signs of pain in our cats and what we can do to make them feel...

  47. Show 341: Black Cat Myths

    Halloween is coming up so it's time to debunk some myths about black cats. Steve chats with Susan Logan of Cat Fancy Magazine about the bad rap these kitties have.

  48. Show 340: "Dog Heroes of September 11th"

    Steve remembers two and four-legged heroes of 9/11 with Nona Kilgore Bauer, author of Dog Heroes of September 11th.

  49. Show 340: Keep Fighting Fleas

    Dr. Lisa Young joins Steve to chat about how important it is to keep fighting the fleas as we head into fall.

  50. Show 339: American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)

    Dr. Miranda Bourque of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) explains what her group is all about and when you might want to consult a veterinary behaviorist.