Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 405: Puppies Giving You Headaches?

    Are your puppies giving you some headaches? Brenda Aloff helps you prevent problems before they happen when she shares tips from her book, Puppy Problem? No Problem! A Survival Guide for Finding &...

  2. Show 405: Differences in Veterinary Care between Australia and North America

    Steve chats with Aussie Vet Dr. Karen Koks about the differences in veterinary care between Australia and North America. It's more than just funny accents that separates us.

  3. Show 404: "Dog is My Copilot"

    A few months back we learned all about all the Hero Dogs across our great land, so this week we're going to talk about people that are heros for dogs. Patrick Regan...

  4. Show 404: Weird Pet Behavior?

    What is that weird behavior all about? Dr. Karen Sueda helps us figure out our pets.

  5. Show 403: Pets Keep Us Calm & Happy

    The love you share with your pets actually makes you feel better, it's true! Dr. Rebecca Johnson tells Steve how our pets keep us calm and happy.

  6. Show 403: Keeping Pets Safe through the Hazards of Winter

    The flakes aren't far away now - no, we're not talking about your relatives that are visiting for the holidays! Dr. Dale Paley of the American Animal Hospital Association shares some tips for...

  7. Show 402: Holiday Safety Advice

    Dr. Alexis Newman joins the show to share holiday safety advice, including whether it's okay for your pets to have a little turkey.

  8. Show 402: David Frei from The National Dog Show

    The holidays are in full swing now - so let's get ready to eat some Turkey next week as we chat with David Frei about The National Dog Show on NBC. David...

  9. Show 401: Year-Round Parasite Protection

    The weather is changing, but the ticks are still out there. No matter where you live, year-round parasite protection for your pets is the best way to keep your furry family members safe....

  10. Show 401: Pet Insurance Saves Lives

    How important is it for you to have health insurance for your family? Pet insurance is also there when you need it. We'll find out much more about how pet insurance is...

  11. Show 400: Dog Being Obsessive?

    We can all be a little obsessive about things from time to time, right? But when it's our dogs being obsessive that could lead to problems. Behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi joins Steve to...

  12. Show 400: "Training A Fearful Dog"

    Everyone wants their dog to be well-trained, but it can be tough for a dog who is often scared or anxious. Debbie Jacobs chats with Steve about her book, Training A...

  13. Show 399: Pet Safety this Halloween

    Bleh-Bleh-Bleh, it's Halloween! Very scary! But our four-legged best friends shouldn't be scared, so Steve chats with Dr. Kate Knutson, President-Elect of the American Animal Hospital Association. She will share tips on keeping our...

  14. Show 399: "Dancing Dogs"

    Best-selling author Jon Katz drops by the studio to chat with Steve about his latest, Dancing Dogs.

  15. Show 398: The Fight Against Euthanasia by Gas Chamber

    We continue our celebration of the Hero Dog Award's by speaking with Joe Dwyer about his dog Daniel. Daniel has become an inspiring figure in the fight against euthanasia by gas chamber. Daniel...

  16. Show 398: Special Needs for Spayed or Neutered Cats

    We'll learn about the special needs of our spayed or neutered cats. Dr. Brent Mayabb has the latest.    

  17. Show 397: Continuing Our Celebration of the Hero Dog Awards

    We continue our celebration of the best in our best friends as we countdown to the American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards on The Hallmark Channel on November 8. This week Alecia Pagerly...

  18. Show 397: Helping Pets Age Gracefully

    Our pets are aging, but we can help them age gracefully. Dr. Deb Horwitz joins Steve to talk about taking care of our pets into their golden years.

  19. Show 396: The Hero Dog Awards

    We'll kick off a month-long celebration of The Hero Dog Awards with an interview with Robin Ganzert of The American Humane Association. And all month long you'll meet some amazing dogs and hear...

  20. Show 396: Spayed and Neutered Cats have Special Needs

    Cat owners take note - we've got some nutrition information you should really know about. Spayed and neutered cats have special needs and Dr. Brent Mayabb of Royal Canin tells us what those...

  21. Show 395: "Soldier Dogs"

    As we prepare to celebrate the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards we start by talking about some dogs that are always heros, our military dogs. Respected journalist Maria Goodavage joins the show...

  22. Show 395: Tips for Deciding On a Veterinarian

    Dr. Mike Cavanaugh of the American Animal Hospital Association gives us tips on what to look for when you are deciding on a veterinarian.

  23. Show 394: Finding the Best Veterinarian for Your Cat

    Dr. Ilona Rodan has tips for finding the best veterinarian for your finicky feline.

  24. Show 394: Pet Owners as Tenants

    In this economy more and more people have had to rent instead of own. Steve is hearing from lots of people who are being turned away from housing because of their dogs....

  25. Show 393: Keeping Pets Healthy

    Getting your pets to the veterinarian regularly is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. Regular check-ups mean your vet has a chance to catch problems in their early stages and...

  26. Show 393: Your Dog getting Rebellious?

    Does a dog really get rebellious as a teenager? Steve speaks with Sue Brown about her book, Juvenile Delinquent Dogs.

  27. Show 392: Stay Away from Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs made in China

    Steve has been warning you for months to stay away from Chicken Jerky Treats for dogs that are made in China. There is a lot of concern over dogs getting sick and...

  28. Show 392: Pet Population Decreasing

    New data is out showing that our pet population has decreased for the first time in memory. Dr. Karen Felsted chats with Steve about this trend and about how to keep our furry...

  29. Show 391: Year-Round Protection from Heartworm

    Fall is here, but that doesn't mean the threat of heartworm disease is subsiding for your dogs and cats. Dr. Christina Watts chats with Steve about the importance of year-round protection.

  30. Show 389: Ferret as Pets

    Ferrets can be a fun pet, but these interesting little creatures are very misunderstood, even outlawed in California! This week Steve chats with Amy Jo Casnor, the Ferret Lady.

  31. Show 389: Choosing the right Flea & Tick Products

    Flea and Tick products can be very confusing, especially if you've been buying them without the guidance of your veterinarian. Steve speaks with Dr. Paula Harvatine about what to look for to find...

  32. Show 388: All about "Barkonomics"

    In this economy, you want to save money any way you can. Is it possible to cut costs and still get good healthcare for your pets? Steve chats with Paris Permenter...

  33. Show 388: Advances in Treating Pain

    Pets feel pain just like we do and they need treatment too. Dr. Robin Downing talks to Steve about advances in treating pain and how our perceptions have changed over the...

  34. Show 387: The Joy of Pet Adoption co-founder Betsy Saul chats with Steve about the joy of adoption.

  35. Show 387: Protecting Pets from Pesky Parasites

    Flea and tick season is in full swing - how do you make sure your pets are protected? The best answer of course is by paying a visit to your veterinarian to...

  36. Show 386: Where does your Cat come from?

    Where does your cat come from? A new genetic test can tell you where your cat's ancestors lived! Leslie Lyons tells Steve all about this exciting new technology.

  37. Show 386: New Medication for Kennel Cough

    Your social dog could be at risk for kennel cough. Dr. Arne Zislin tells Steve about new medication your veterinarian can give that will give you ease of mind for your best friend's...

  38. Show 385: Our Pets' Perceptions of Us

    We all have our opinions about our pets - but what do they think of us? Steve speaks with Veterinary Technician Ginny Price about our pets' perceptions.

  39. Show 384: Understanding our Cats Better

    Why do we find our cats to be so complex and hard to understand? Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins will help us see the cat's perspective and maybe understand our furry little felines a little...

  40. Show 384: Choosing a Dog Trainer

    How do you start off on the right paw with that new puppy? Katenna Jones of the American Humane Association chats with Steve about the right way to go about choosing a...

  41. Show 383: Josh Duhamel on Pet Adoption

    Cats won't be the only ones acting frisky this weekend when Josh Duhamel joins the show. One of the stars of the Transformers movies, Josh is helping PetSmart Charities spread the word about...

  42. Show 383: Treating Pets like Kids?

    Speaking of kids and pets, Dr. Deb Horwitz talks to Steve about whether we treat our pets too much like they are actual kids.

  43. Show 382: Amazing Parrots

    Irene Pepperberg has spent her career studying the enormous abilities of parrots. She chats with Steve about her research and shares amazing tales of these talented birds.

  44. Show 382: Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy this Summer

    America's Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker, joins Steve to chat about keeping our pets safe and healthy this summer.

  45. Show 381: Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

    Floods, earthquakes, fires: are you prepared if there is an emergency? Tracy Reis of the American Humane Association shares tips of being prepared for an emergency.

  46. Show 381: "Perfect Puppy in Seven Days"

    It's so important to take time to play with your puppy. Not only is it good for their development, it also helps build the human animal bond, and will make training so...

  47. Show 380: Pet Insurance Save Lives

    Pet insurance really can save lives. Steve has been preaching that for some time now, so he spoke with veterinarian Dr. Brad Christenson who shared some stories from his own practice of when...

  48. Show 380: "The Complete Cat's Meow"

    Steve chats with prolific cat book writer Darlene Arden about her latest: The Complete Cat's Meow.

  49. Show 379: Traveling with Your Pets this Summer?

    Traveling with your pets this summer? How well will your pets take to a long car ride? Steve chats with veterinary technician Alicia Schaefer, about signs that show that your pet is an...

  50. Show 379: The Dangers of Heartworm

    Heartworm is dangerous for your pets, so Dr. Michael Dryden will remind us why we need to take precautions and protect our pets from this disease.