Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 485: Pet Food Safety

    Dr. Patrick Wall chats with Steve about pet food safety.

  2. Show 484: Traveling Safely with Your Pets

    It's summertime and the kids are out of school. Are you planning that big cross-country trip? Should Fido or Fluffy come along or stay at home? Dr. Gregg Takashima of the American Animal...

  3. Show 484: More on Training Service Dogs

    Part two of Steve's conversation with Jennifer Arnold of Canine Assistants. Jennifer shares her thoughts on the training of the dogs and changes she would like to see in the world of service...

  4. Show 483: How Do Dogs Learn?

    How do dogs learn? If we knew more about the ways they understand what we are trying to teach them, that might help us train them better, right? Dr. Katherine Haupt chats...

  5. Show 483: Training Service Dogs

    We'll chat more with Jennifer Arnold of Canine Assistants and chat about the style of training service dogs and find out why Jennifer thinks we need to change how we view...

  6. Show 482: Protecting Your Pets and Home from Parasites

    The fleas are all around us - and you need to protect your pets and home. Dr. Mike Murray chats with us about the best ways to protect your pets from the...

  7. Show 482: The WINN Feline Foundation Media Award

    Steve chats with the first veterinarian to ever receive the WINN Feline Foundation Media Award, Dr. Lori Huston.

  8. Show 481: Big Trends in Pet Health

    What are the big trends in pet health? We'll find out when Steve chats with Dr. Sandi Lefebvre about the Banfield State of Pet Health Report: 2014.

  9. Show 480: The Helen Woodward Animal Center

    Mike Arms and the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California have redefined what an animal shelter can and should be. Not only do they save animals, but they do a lot to...

  10. Show 480: Celebrating 150 Years of the American Veterinary Medical Association

    Dr. Bernadine Cruz celebrates pets and 150 years of the American Veterinary Medical Association with us.

  11. Show 479: Comedian Joan Rivers

    She's outlasted them all - whether it's her pets or her competitors, Joan Rivers just keeps going. The groundbreaking comedian talks about dealing with the loss of her beloved pets and her key...

  12. Show 479: Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

    Steve delves into the ways we deal with pet loss with Dr. Wendy Hauser of the American Animal Hospital Association.

  13. Show 478: The Signs of Canine Heart Disease

    Heart disease isn't only affecting humans, you'd be surprised at how often it occurs in our canine companions as well. Dr. Whit Church chats with us about the signs of canine heart disease...

  14. Show 478: What's In Our Pet's Food?

    Linda Case talks to us about the importance of knowing what's in our pet's food.

  15. Show 477: Finding the Right Veterinarian for You

    Once you welcome that furry family member into your life there is one very big choice to make: Who will be your veterinarian? Dr. Wendy Hauser of the American Animal Hospital Association gives...

  16. Show 477: Cats are Social Too!

    Dogs aren't the only social creatures in the house - your cat is too! Jacqueline Munera tells us how social are cats can be and what you can do to make sure...

  17. Show 476: Dr. Byron Blagburn on Protecting Pets from Mosquitoes

    Steve had one of the top parisitologists in the world is one the show!! Dr. Byron Blagburn chats about mosquitoes and why it's so important to protect our pets from them.

  18. Show 476: Kathy Ireland's new line of Pet Products

    Supermodel Kathy Ireland chats with Steve about her new line of pet products and why her good friend Elizabeth Taylor was such an inspiration.

  19. Show 475: Hall of Fame Baseball Manager Tony LaRussa

    The crack of the bat, the smell of popcorn, the bark of a dog? Steve chats with Hall of Fame Baseball Manager Tony LaRussa about Bark in the Park, which aims to...

  20. Show 475: Raising Kids and Dogs Together

    Dr. Valerie Tynes shares tips for raising kids and dogs together as she wrote about in the new book, Decoding Your Dog.

  21. Show 474: Adopt A Greyhound Month

    April is Adopt A Greyhound Month, so we'll celebrate with Melissa Cook of The Greyhound Project. She'll tell us about this special breed and how great they can be around the house.

  22. Show 474: Protection from Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes

    So many choices when it comes to protecting our pets from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Veterinary Parisitologist Dr. Michael Dryden tells us what we should be talking to our veterinarian about when it...

  23. Show 473: Preventing Heartworm Disease

    Spring is coming and so are the mosquitoes. If you haven't been protecting your dog or cat year-round (like you should be) then you better get on it now - before you...

  24. Show 473: "Dogs with Old Man Faces"

    Dogs have the most expressive faces, but Tom Cohen found some dogs with really expressive faces! Tom chats with Steve about his book, Dogs with Old Man Faces.

  25. Show 472: Shining a Light on Orphaned Pets

    Mike Arms runs one of the most respected shelters in the country - The Helen Woodward Animal Center in California. He chats with Steve about their innovative program, Remember Me Thursday.

  26. Show 472: The Best Ways to Train Your Dog

    Dr. Ellen Lindell, author of a chapter of the new behavior book, Decoding Your Dog, shares tips for the best ways to train your dog.

  27. Show 471: Protect your Pets from Parasites Year Round

    Spring is almost here, not matter what the weather looks like. If you haven't been protecting your pets from parasites year round (like you should be!) then you are about to get some...

  28. Show 471: The BlogPaws Conference

    Tom Collins tells Steve all about the exciting world of blogging about pets and the BlogPaws Conference.

  29. Show 470: More on Cats Hiding Pain

    We continue our discussion with Dr. Margie Scherk about cats hiding pain. Our cats are masters of disguise when it comes to their aches, so Dr. Scherk explains what we should look for...

  30. Show 470: Keeping Our Cats Safe while We Travel

    Sandy Robbins chats with Steve about keeping our cats safe when we get out and start traveling this spring.

  31. Show 469: Cats Hide Pain!

    Our cats hide their pain! In the wild a cat in pain is prey, so they are hardwired to make sure that they do not reveal their illness. So it's very important...

  32. Show 469: "Rescue Me"

    Ernie Slone chats with Steve about the new Rescue Me publication from the makers of Cat Fancy.

  33. Show 468: Pet Dental Health Month!

    It's national Pet Dental Health Month! We celebrate by learning about how important our pets' oral care is for their overall health. Dr. Kate Knutson, President of the American Animal Hospital Association chats...

  34. Show 468: The Best Friends Animal Society

    Marc Peralta of the Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles chats with Steve about the great work they are doing for animals and how their program could work around the country.

  35. Show 467: "Why Dogs Hump & Bees Get Depressed"

    Clearly love is in the air this week, so what better time to speak with Dr. Mark Beckoff about his book, Why Dogs Hump & Bees Get Depressed.

  36. Show 467: Diabetes in Cats

    Diabetes in cats has become more prevalent. We'll find out how to treat your feline best friend from Dr. Richard Goldstein.

  37. Show 466: Guide Dogs in Our World Today

    There was a story in the news recently about a blind man being kicked off of a plane because he couldn't stow his guide dog properly. How can this happen today? Toni...

  38. Show 466: Stem Cell Therapy for Cats

    Dr. Craig Webb enlightens us about cutting edge veterinary medicine: stem cell therapy for cats.

  39. Show 465: Dog Suffering from Separation Anxiety?

    Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? There might actually be other explanations for your pets behavior when you are not around. Dr. Elise Christianson chats with Steve about what to look for...

  40. Show 465: "Cat Sense"

    Steve talks to John Bradshaw about how smart our feline friends are when we discuss his book, Cat Sense.

  41. Show 464: "The Best Dog Tricks on The Planet"

    Dog trainer Babette Haggerty will help your old dog learn some new tricks when she chats with Steve about her book, The Best Dog Tricks on The Planet.

  42. Show 464: Insight into Cushing's Disease

    We'll get some insight into Cushing's Disease from Veterinarian to The Stars, Dr. Jeff Werber.

  43. Show 463: Setting Your Puppy Up for Good Vet Visits

    A key to your pet having a long healthy life is making sure they get regular veterinary visits. It's much easier to do that if your pet isn't scared of that visit....

  44. Show 463: "Why Dogs Hump and Bees get Depressed"

    Dr. Mark Beckoff chats with Steve about his book, Why Dogs Hump and Bees get Depressed.

  45. Show 462: Keeping Pets Safe in Frigid Temperatures

    Dr. Wendy Hauser of the American Animal Hospital Association joins Steve to chat about keeping our pets safe in these frigid temperatures.

  46. Show 462: "Unconditional Love: Pet Tales to Warm the Heart"

    Brian Lowney shares some of the great stories from his book, Unconditional Love: Pet Tales to Warm the Heart.

  47. Show 461: "Best Day of My Life"

    Steve chats with Zac Barnett of American Authors about their smash hit, Best Day of My Life, and the very cool video they have for the song that promotes Bulldog adoption.

  48. Show 460: Giving Your Pet a Stay-Cation

    Sometimes you have to travel for the holidays, but is it always a good idea for your best friend to join in on the fun? Aaron Easterly of explains why sometimes it might...

  49. Show 460: Resolutions for Pet Owners for 2014

    Dr. Ron DeHaven, CEO of the American Veterinary Medical Association shares his resolutions for pet owners for 2014.

  50. Show 458: How Smart are Dogs?

    How smart are dogs? We'll find out when Steve chats with Brian Hare about his new book, The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter than You Think.