Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 453: Veterinarian Knowing your Pet's Lifestyle

    We find out why it's so important for your veterinarian to have a good understanding of your pet's lifestyle after we speak with Dr. Kate Crumley of the American Animal Hospital Association.

  2. Show 452: Surprising Data on Cats

    How much do we really know about our cats? Royal Canin surveyed cat owners to see if what they think their cats like and care about really corresponds to our kitties lifestyles. Dr....

  3. Show 452: The Importance of Your Veterinarian

    We celebrate 150 years of the American Veterinary Medical Association with a chat about the importance of your veterinarian in keeping our pets healthy with veterinarian Dr. Tracey Hlede.

  4. Show 451: Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

    Bleh-Bleh-Bleh!! We've got Halloween safety tips for you and your pets with Dr. Mark Russak of the American Animal Hospital Association. From costumes to candles and treats your pets should avoid, there's lots...

  5. Show 451: A Link Between Violence Against Animals and Domestic Violence

    Marie Jose Enders discusses the latest research into the link between violence against animals and domestic violence in households.

  6. Show 450: The Hottest Pet Costumes This Year

    Bleh-Bleh-Bleh, very scary! We're getting our pets ready for the spookiest day of the year. Miss Meowsky of Barker and Meowsky tells us about the hottest costumes for your pets this year.

  7. Show 450: More with Veterinary Army Reservist Dr. Jane Lund

    We all love the amazing videos of Veterans surprising their kids when they return home from overseas duty. Dr. Jane Lund is a veterinarian who just returned from Afghanistan and got to surprise...

  8. Show 449: Honoring America's Pet Heroes

    HomeAgain is looking to honor America's Pet Heroes. We'll find out how you can vote for people who have made a real difference in the lives of our companion animals when Steve chats...

  9. Show 449: Veterinary Army Reservist Dr. Jane Lund

    You might have seen this story already - Dr. Jane Lund is a Veterinary Army Reservist who recently returned from Afghanistan and surprised her daughter in front of 70,000 people at a Wisconsin...

  10. Show 448: End Of Life Care for our Pets

    We devote an incredible amount of attention to various life stages for our pets, but so little is discussed or planned ahead of time when it comes to end of life care....

  11. Show 448: How Pets are Helping Kids with Autism

    Steve chats with Maggie O'Hare about the fascinating work she is doing and how pets are helping kids with autism.

  12. Show 447: "How to Speak Dog"

    Dr. Gary Weitzman chats about the new National Geographic Kids' book, How to Speak Dog. It really is fun for the whole family!

  13. Show 447: "101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog"

    In our "Vets on Pets" segment, Dr. Jason Nicholas shares advice from, 101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog.

  14. Show 446: Protecting Your Pooches from Heartworm

    About half of all dog owners do not protect their pooches from heartworm.  50% of the pet owners that do use a monthly preventative forget to give a dose sometimes.  Dr. Mike McFarland...

  15. Show 446: "Taming Me: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat"

    Steve chats with Cathy Unruh about her book, Taming Me: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat.

  16. Show 445: Standards for Pet Dental Care

    In the past few years we've learned a lot about the importance of dental care in our pets' overall health. The American Animal Hospital Association recently announced that they are taking the position...

  17. Show 445: Adolescents and Equine Therapy

    We'll hear about the latest study of adolescents and Equine Therapy. Even seemingly normal adolescents appear to benefit from time with horses.

  18. Show 444: "Tennessee Tails: Pets and Their People"

    Dr. Katherine Primm chats with Steve about her adventures in veterinary medicine as detailed in her book, Tennessee Tails: Pets and Their People.

  19. Show 443: Making Sure Communities have Room for Pets

    This week Steve has a fascinating conversation with Steven Jenkinson. He is a manager of green spaces and development who works to make sure that communities have adequate room for pets. He'll explain...

  20. Show 443: Keeping Your Pets Happy While You Are Away

    Steve will also chat with Dr. Claude Beata about his book on separation anxiety. They'll share some tips for keeping your pooches happy when you are away.

  21. Show 442: The Increasing Threat of Ticks

    We're heading into the time of year where ticks and Lyme disease become a great concern. Dr. Richard Goldstein from the Animal Medical Center in New York talks to Steve about the increasing...

  22. Show 442: "Outsmarting Cats"

    Wendy Christianson will help us do what most people think can't be done when we chat with her about her book, Outsmarting Cats.

  23. Show 441: "The Soul of All Living Creatures"

    Dr. Vint Virga chats with Steve about the relationship humans have with animals when he tells us about his amazing new book, The Soul of All Living Creatures.

  24. Show 441: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond

    The human-animal bond is celebrated in Dr. Aubrey Fine's new book, Our Faithful Companions. Dr. Fine and Steve talk about the amazing relationship we have with our best friends.

  25. Show 440: How Animals can Help Kids with Autism

    While at the American Veterinary Medical Association Conference Steve had a chance to visit with Marie Jose Enders about her research on how animals help kids with autism.

  26. Show 440: The Importance of Socializing Cats

    In our Vets on Pets segment, Dr. Sarah Ellis chats with Steve about the importance of socializing our cats.

  27. Show 439: A Traveling Exhibition Celebrating People and Pets

    We're celebrating 150 years of the American Veterinary Medical Association with the Smithsonian! Jennifer Bine tells us all about a traveling exhibition celebrating people and pets.

  28. Show 439: Caring For Senior Pets

    Dr. Aman Sukhija of the American Animal Hospital Association shares tips on caring for our senior pets.

  29. Show 438: Keeping All Happy in a Multi-Cat Household

    Is everyone getting along in your multi-cat household? There are a lot of subtle things that could be happening to show that your furry little friends aren't all getting along. Dr. Margie Scherk...

  30. Show 438: "Puppy Savvy"

    And we'll talk about how to have fun with your pooches too! Barbara Shumannfang chats with Steve about her book, Puppy Savvy: The Pocket Guide to Raising Your Dog without Going Bonkers.

  31. Show 437: "Animal Connections: Our Journey Together"

    The American Veterinary Medical Association is celebrating 150 years of serving people and their pets and the Smithsonian is joining in with a traveling exhibit, "Animal Connections: Our Journey Together," that will be...

  32. Show 437: Give Your Dog a "Staycation"

    Getting out and about this summer? Why kennel your dog when you can have a sitter come to your home? Steve chats with Aaron Easterly of about all of the great...

  33. Show 436: Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather

    It's getting hot outside and that can be dangerous for our pets. Dr. Wendy Hauser chats with Steve about staying safe when getting out and about with our furry family members.

  34. Show 436: Controlling the Feral Cat Population

    The feral cat population keeps growing, but so does the amount of people working to control the population in the most humane way possible. Becky Robinson of Alley Cat Allies, tells Steve about...

  35. Show 435: Fleas, fleas, fleas!

    Fleas, fleas, fleas!! Is your pet scratching? It's so important to talk to your veterinarian about what products will work best with your lifestyle and the flea problem in your area. This week...

  36. Show 435: The Joys of Taking our Pets to Work

    It's so much fun to take our pets to work! Natasha Ashton of Petplan talks to Steve about the joys of the pet-friendly workplace.

  37. Show 434: Traveling Safely with your Pets

    We love to travel with our pets, but is it always the best idea? Dr. Mark Russak of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) chats with Steve about when pets should and shouldn't...

  38. Show 434: Tips for Training Cats

    Wendy Christianson is trying to help you do the impossible! Her book is, Outsmarting Cats, and she says you can train your cats to do the things you want, if you learn...

  39. Show 433: "A Sound Beginning"

    How can we keep our dogs calm when weather strikes? Julie Dorsey-Oskerka, co-author of, A Sound Beginning, talks to Steve about ways to train your right from the beginning and ways to keep...

  40. Show 433: Advances in Sports Medicine for Our Pets!

    Our dogs do more than ever before, some are even elite athletes. Dr. Darryl Millis tells us all about the latest advances in sports medicine for our pets!

  41. Show 432: The International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations

    The International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations is coming to Chicago for the AVMA convention. Dr. Sandra McCune chats with Steve about the work they are doing and how it impacts your and...

  42. Show 432: The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pets

    After the recent tornadoes and nasty storms we've had around the country, it's a good idea to remember to make sure your pets have microchips and that the microchip is registered. Dr. Mike...

  43. Show 431: More with Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy

    We've got more of our in-studio visit with the host of Animal Planet's, "My Cat from Hell," Jackson Galaxy. In this segment Steve gets personal with Jackson.

  44. Show 431: Ticks Are Everywhere!

    The ticks are everywhere and they are spreading more diseases than before. We need to protect ourselves and our pets so we'll ask Dr. Michael Paul for advice in our, "Vets on Pets"...

  45. Show 430: Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet on "Cat Daddy"

    He's the host of "My Cat from Hell" on Animal Planet, and this week Jackson Galaxy joins Steve in our studios to talk all things cats and about his new book, Cat...

  46. Show 430: Regular Vet Check-Ups for your Cats' Health

    Our cats are missing out on one thing that's more important than any other - veterinary visits! Dr. Natalie Marks talks to us about the subtle ways cats hide illness and why regular...

  47. Show 429: The Top Signs of Stress in Pets

    What are the top signs of stress in your pets? With summer we're doing more traveling and hearing more thunderstorms and fireworks. These are just some of the things that can stress our...

  48. Show 429: An Exciting Contest from PetHub

    Steve chats with Lorien Clemens about a great contest from PetHub.

  49. Show 428: Keep L.O.V.E. Alive!

    We're helping Keep L.O.V.E. Alive this week! This time the love means Lean on Veterinary Expertise, and CEVA Animal Health is touring the country to help pet owners deal with behavior problems. Dr....

  50. Show 428: The Lap of Love Program

    Dr. Dani McVety chats with Steve about her Lap of Love program, which enables pet owners to the most comfortable options when it comes to end of life care.