Pet World

Enjoy these highlights from our past shows.

  1. Show 502: Keeping Pets Away from Your Medicine

    The recent approvals of recreational use of marijuana in a few states has meant that some pets are finding accessibility to their owner's medicine. Dr. Ahna Brutlag of the Pet Poison help line...

  2. Show 502: NHL Star David Backes on his Athletes for Animals foundation

    He's a star in the NHL and now a star for animals too! David Backes of the St. Louis Blues chats with Steve about his Athletes for Animals foundation.

  3. Show 501: Fall is a Time for Ticks!

    Fall is definitely a time for ticks! You need to be aware of where your dogs and your kids are going. Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski is a pediatrician in the Chicago area and...

  4. Show 501: Preventative Measures to Avoid Ticks

    Dr. Mike Murray will talk about the preventive measures we can take with our pets to make sure they stay safe when the woods are crawling with ticks.

  5. Show 500: Concern Over Tear-Stain Wipes

    The FDA has expressed concern over some of the tear-stain wipes (for removing those stains that form near our pets eyes) because of the anti-biotics they may contain. Veterinary Dermatologist Dr. John Angus...

  6. Show 500: Changing Seasons Affect our Pets' Moods?

    Seasons are changing, it's getting dark sooner. We know that can affect our moods, does it do the same for our pets? Pet Blogger Sarah Hodgson says yes and explains why.

  7. Show 499: All About Pet Nutrition

    Nutrition is maybe even more important for our pets than it is for us humans. Dr. Nancy Soares of the American Animal Hospital Association talks about what matters when it comes to what...

  8. Show 499: Dogs Not Getting Along?

    What do you do when dogs just don't get along? Dr. Lisa Radosta has tips for keeping the peace.

  9. Show 498: The Ron & Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation

    Baseball legend Ron Santo has left a wonderful legacy in the fight against diabetes. Ron's wife Vicki chats with Steve about the Ron & Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation. They recently awarded...

  10. Show 498: Exciting News on the Fight Against Lyme Disease

    Exciting news from the American Veterinary Medical Association about the fight against Lyme disease. Dr. Ron DeHaven, CEO of the AVMA chats with Steve about the new partnership that will help veterinarians and...

  11. Show 497: Handling Thunderstorm Anxiety

    Fall means cool weather is on it's way, but as we've seen recently, there can be a quick thunderstorm that can drive your furry best friends bananas. It's not too late to...

  12. Show 497: More on Aging Pets with Victoria Stilwell

    Steve chats more with is favorite guest, Victoria Stilwell. Aging pets need special attention and Victoria has more tips to share.

  13. Show 496: Still Declawing Cats?

    Why are we still declawing our cats? Not only is it unnecessary, it really is a cruel practice. While you may think you are just removing the claw, it's truly an amputation. Dr....

  14. Show 496: Victoria Stilwell on Proper Nutrition for Aging Pets

    Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet's, It's Me or The Dog, chats with Steve about the importance of proper nutrition for our aging pets.

  15. Show 495: Positive Reinforcement Techniques

    Positive reinforcement is such an important part of training your pet to behave properly. Dr. Theresa DePorter chats with Steve about the techniques to use to get the results you want when it...

  16. Show 495: The Benefits of Oral Medications

    There's a battle going on when it comes to what type of products your pets use to fight off pesky parasites. Dr. Hal Little joins the show to tell Steve about the...

  17. Show 494: The Importance of Micro-chipping Pets

    Micro-chipping is such a key factor in pets getting back to their owners if they are lost of become separated during an emergency. Dr. Kate Crumley, President of the American Animal Hospital Association...

  18. Show 494: "Our Faithful Companions"

    Dr. Aubrey Fine talks about the incredible bond between animals and humans when we discuss his book, Our Faithful Companions.

  19. Show 493: The State of Pet Healthcare

    Steve gets a sit-down with the President! No, not that president, the new president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Ted Cohn chats about the state of healthcare and what we should...

  20. Show 493: The Effectiveness of Breed Bans

    Steve talks about the new position statement from the American Society of Animal Behavior on the effectiveness of breed bans.

  21. Show 492: Cats Not Getting Along?

    Do you have cats who just don't get along? Well you (and they) don't have to live that way. Dr. Theresa DePorter chats with us about ways to broker peace between cats...

  22. Show 492: Types of Pet Food

    Juan Gomez chats with Steve about the consumers who view their allegiance to certain types of pet food as almost a kind of religion.

  23. Show 491: Protecting Pets from Heartworm Disease

    The mosquitoes are out and driving us all crazy, but the worst part is what they might be doing to our dogs. Heartworm disease is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito...

  24. Show 491: "How to Foster Dogs: From Homeless to Homeward Bound"

    Pat Miller tells us all about her heartwarming book, How to Foster Dogs: From Homeless to Homeward Bound.

  25. Show 490: More with Julia Szabo on "Medicine Dog"

    We've got more of Steve's fascinating conversation with journalist Julia Szabo about her book Medicine Dog. She details how stem cell therapy greatly helped her dog and how she then turned to human...

  26. Show 490: It's Tick Season!

    It's tick season, so it's time to talk with Dr. Richard Goldstein about ways to protect ourselves and our pets.

  27. Show 489: "Medicine Dog"

    An amazing story, Julia Szabo joins Steve to chat about her book, Medicine Dog: The Miraculous Cure That Healed My Best Friend and Saved My Life. Julia is a veteran pet reporter and...

  28. Show 489: Research to Defeat Ringworm

    Ringoworm is not a sexy topic but it is an important topic. Dr. Karen Moriello talks about research into ways to defeat ringworm.

  29. Show 488: "The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel"

    It's that time of the year where we love to pack up the car and hit the road - so where are the best places to head with your pooch this summer?...

  30. Show 488: Tips for Emergency Preparedness

    Being prepared isn't just for boy scouts! Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association has tips to share on emergency preparedness.

  31. Show 487: The Science Behind Pet Food

    Should the food you serve to your pet be tailored depending on what type of breed you have? Royal Canin is at the forefront of the science behind pet food and it...

  32. Show 487: Is Your Cat Thinking 'Outside The Box?'

    When your cat is missing the box, what has gone wrong? It could be behavioral, it could be medical, it could be a physical issue. Feline Veterinarian Dr. Margie Scherk talks about the...

  33. Show 486: Choosing the Right Parasite Protection

    When choosing the parasite protection that will work best for your pet, of course, speak with your veterinarian. But parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden says you should really be talking to your vet about...

  34. Show 486: "Our Faithful Companions"

    Dr. Aubrey Fine chats with Steve about the human-animal bond and his book, Our Faithful Companions.

  35. Show 485: Pet Food Safety

    Dr. Patrick Wall chats with Steve about pet food safety.

  36. Show 484: Traveling Safely with Your Pets

    It's summertime and the kids are out of school. Are you planning that big cross-country trip? Should Fido or Fluffy come along or stay at home? Dr. Gregg Takashima of the American Animal...

  37. Show 484: More on Training Service Dogs

    Part two of Steve's conversation with Jennifer Arnold of Canine Assistants. Jennifer shares her thoughts on the training of the dogs and changes she would like to see in the world of service...

  38. Show 483: How Do Dogs Learn?

    How do dogs learn? If we knew more about the ways they understand what we are trying to teach them, that might help us train them better, right? Dr. Katherine Haupt chats...

  39. Show 483: Training Service Dogs

    We'll chat more with Jennifer Arnold of Canine Assistants and chat about the style of training service dogs and find out why Jennifer thinks we need to change how we view...

  40. Show 482: Protecting Your Pets and Home from Parasites

    The fleas are all around us - and you need to protect your pets and home. Dr. Mike Murray chats with us about the best ways to protect your pets from the...

  41. Show 482: The WINN Feline Foundation Media Award

    Steve chats with the first veterinarian to ever receive the WINN Feline Foundation Media Award, Dr. Lori Huston.

  42. Show 481: Big Trends in Pet Health

    What are the big trends in pet health? We'll find out when Steve chats with Dr. Sandi Lefebvre about the Banfield State of Pet Health Report: 2014.

  43. Show 480: The Helen Woodward Animal Center

    Mike Arms and the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California have redefined what an animal shelter can and should be. Not only do they save animals, but they do a lot to...

  44. Show 480: Celebrating 150 Years of the American Veterinary Medical Association

    Dr. Bernadine Cruz celebrates pets and 150 years of the American Veterinary Medical Association with us.

  45. Show 479: Comedian Joan Rivers

    She's outlasted them all - whether it's her pets or her competitors, Joan Rivers just keeps going. The groundbreaking comedian talks about dealing with the loss of her beloved pets and her key...

  46. Show 479: Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

    Steve delves into the ways we deal with pet loss with Dr. Wendy Hauser of the American Animal Hospital Association.

  47. Show 478: The Signs of Canine Heart Disease

    Heart disease isn't only affecting humans, you'd be surprised at how often it occurs in our canine companions as well. Dr. Whit Church chats with us about the signs of canine heart disease...

  48. Show 478: What's In Our Pet's Food?

    Linda Case talks to us about the importance of knowing what's in our pet's food.

  49. Show 477: Finding the Right Veterinarian for You

    Once you welcome that furry family member into your life there is one very big choice to make: Who will be your veterinarian? Dr. Wendy Hauser of the American Animal Hospital Association gives...

  50. Show 477: Cats are Social Too!

    Dogs aren't the only social creatures in the house - your cat is too! Jacqueline Munera tells us how social are cats can be and what you can do to make sure...