Pet Tips

Photo of pets, including a fish, parrot, bulldog, lizard, and a cat
  1. Tip 6: Missed A Show? Get us on iTunes

    If you missed last week's "Steve Dale's Pet World," we've not got your full-length weekly re-cap delivered straight to your computer or mp3 player.  Never miss an episdode!

  2. Tip 5: Why You Should Microchip Your Cat

    HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service has teamed up with us again this year to increase awareness of the need to microchip your cat. Best of all, if you microchip and register your cat with HomeAgain this summer, they will donate $1 to The Winn Feline Foundation.  Last year this promotion raised over $50,000 for Winn, supporting research to help all cats lead healthier lives. Read all about it.

  3. Tip 4: It's The Adoption That Counts

    Visit Steve's Personal Website to read his column about the uproar over how the Obama's got their puppy.  No, they didn't adopt Bo from a shelter, but Steve argues that using a legitimate breeder still has raised awareness about the problem with puppy mills.  In the end, the fact that they have brought in a furry family member raises awareness of the human animal bond, and that's good for all pets.

  4. Tip 3: Everyone Has A Paw Smell Opinion

    From Steve's My Pet World Q & A: A few weeks back, reader K.S. in Atlanta offered her personal view that dogs’ paws smell like Fritos which sparked an onslaught of email, and other comments directed to my Facebook page. In all, I received around 100 comments, and still the controversy rages on. K.S. said she thinks dog paws smell like Fritos, and wondered why?  Read more on Steve's personal website.

  5. Tip 2: How Many Boxes Do You Have?

    Steve Says: One of the most common problems cat owners face is a cat who suddenly misses the box. There can be many factors like something making that cat scared of the area the box is in (like a loud noise that happened once while he was doing his business) or an issue he might be having with another cat in the house. One rule I always tell people is the cat should have more than one option. The basic idea is two boxes for each cat. For older cats make sure those boxes are in an accessible area. After all, none of us gets around like we used to.

  6. Tip 1: Be Careful with Your Pets on Thanksgiving

    Steve Says: As tempting as it might be to feed Fido and Fluffy from the table on Thanksgiving Day, don't forget how small your animals are. A nice big slice of turkey might be well more than a meal for them, and if a few people around the table do it, you could have one sick pet on your hands. Make sure only you dole out their special treat and put in in the food bowl so you don't encourage begging from the table.