This Week's Show | Sep 22-23, 2018

  • They call her the queen of poop!  Yes, she will tell us all about the importance of what is coming
    out of the other end of our best friends and what it can tell us about our pets’ health.
    Fall is a very active time of year for our dogs to contract tick disease.  Dr. Byron Blagburn joins the show to talk to us about all the tools we have at our disposal to make sure that we keep those nasty parasites away from our best friends.
  • What exactly is a service dog?  Trainer Barb Handleman chats about what these dogs do for their owners and the ongoing concern about the airlines’ crackdown on service animals.

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  1. Steve Dale: Teach Your Cat to Scratch in All the Right Places!

    September 6th, 2018

    Cat’s like to scratch, but did you know there are ways to train them to scratch in the right places, so your furniture remains intact? Steve provides several tips on how to do so, such as using an amazing product like FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY.

  2. Steve Dale: Puppy Classes & Parties

    August 28th, 2018

    Steve chats more with dog trainer extraordinaire Kelly Gorman Dunbar, this time about puppies! They discuss hot topics such as puppy training classes and puppy parties.

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  1. Show 706: Preparing for A Emergency

    It’s a time of year with hurricanes and wildfires - would your family be prepared if there was an emergency? Dr. Callie Harris talks with us about...

  2. Show 706: Kelly Gorman Dunbar on Puppy Training

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The Pet Minute

  1. Set 108: Heartworm Medication You Won't Forget

  2. Set 106: Signs of Canine Flu

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