This Week's Show | July 4-5, 2015

  • With how fast our pets age, it is incredibly important to get your pets to your veterinarian regularly for check-ups.  Catching any problems early can truly change your pets life, and the quality of life you have with them.  Dr. Mark Russak, Past-President of the American Animal Hospital Association chats about the importance of getting your pets in regularly.
  • Steve’s got tips for fighting off the ticks as well as the annual list of top cat breeds.

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  1. Steve Dale: AAHA Accredited Hospitals

    May 29th, 2015

    How important is the veterinarian you choose? Tracey Jensen, President of the American Animal Hospital Association, explains why AAHA accredited hospitals are a cut above the rest and why you should be looking for the AAHA logo when you choose who will take care of your furry family member.

  2. Steve Dale: More with Anne Beall on "Community Cats"

    May 26th, 2015

    Part 2 of our conversation with author Anne Beall on "Community Cats." Our Feral Cat population gets a bad rap. We certainly want to do the best we can to keep it under control through Trap-Neuter-Release programs but there are benefits to having cats roaming the streets.

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  1. Show 538: "Sebastian & Me: A Rite of Passage and Spiritual Journey"

    Steve chats with Kay Clark, author of, Sebastian & Me: A Rite of Passage and Spiritual Journey. The book is a collection of stories of love and...

  2. Show 538: Kennel Cough and Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease

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The Pet Minute

  1. Set 108: Heartworm Medication You Won't Forget

  2. Set 106: Signs of Canine Flu

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