This Week's Show | June 21-22, 2018

  • They call her the queen of poop!  Yes, she will tell us all about the importance of what is coming
    out of the other end of our best friends and what it can tell us about our pets’ health.
    Dentistry can be scary enough for us, but what about our pets?  Dr. Jan Bellows talks to us all about fear free dentistry and how our veterinarians can do a better job than ever of keeping our pets choppers clean.
  • Dr. Todd McCracken joins the show to chat about our aging pets and what we can do to help them live long, full lives well into their golden years.

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  1. Steve Dale: Adopting Kittens and Teaching them Where to Scratch

    July 11th, 2018

    Dr. Kim Kendall, Applied Cat Behaviorist, joins Steve in studio to discuss the many benefits of adopting two kittens and also ways to direct them to scratch in all the right places, such as using a excellent product like FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY.

  2. Steve Dale: Calming Anxiety in Dogs

    June 27th, 2018

    Like humans, dogs can experience fear, anxiety and stress. Different situations can trigger these feelings; symptoms tend to present themselves differently; and some calming methods work better for others. Steve talks about signs and symptoms, and provides tips on how to keep your furry family member calm.

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  1. Show 697: Legendary Researcher Birutė Galdikas

    Birutė Galdikas is one of the world’s most legendary researchers when it comes to orangutans. She chats with Steve about her life’s work and how it continues...

  2. Show 697: Training Kitty to Scratch Correctly

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The Pet Minute

  1. Set 108: Heartworm Medication You Won't Forget

  2. Set 106: Signs of Canine Flu

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