This Week's Show | Sep 23-24, 2017

  • World Rabies Day is September 28th.  Dr. Richard Ford chats about the success we have had in controlling rabies here in North America with vaccinations.  While we don’t hear about rabies very much anymore, 59,000 humans still die every year from this terrible disease.
  • Lisa Lunghofer of The Grey Muzzle campaign talks with us about their Summer Smiles contest and the importance of oral health for our older canines.

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  1. Steve Dale: Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

    September 13th, 2017

    Steve, along with the help of Anna & Hazel, shows us how the use of positive reinforcement dog training (with Vita Bone® Lil' Trainers tasty treats) can be a ton of fun for the entire family.

  2. Steve Dale: Back to School & Separation Anxiety for Pets

    September 5th, 2017

    It’s back to school time! Our pets enjoy having us around, so the back-to-school changes could lead to some emotional distress for your pet. There are some things you can do to prevent your pet from getting the back-to-school blues.

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  1. Show 654: The Back-To-School Transition for Pets

    The kids are back in school and while that makes most parents ecstatic, it can make your pets left behind rather depressed. Ragen McGowan, a senior scientist...

  2. Show 654: Keeping our Pets Oral Health on Track

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The Pet Minute

  1. Set 108: Heartworm Medication You Won't Forget

  2. Set 106: Signs of Canine Flu

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